Work for deafblind job seekers

Deafblind people are given the opportunity to enroll in online courses to help them find employment.

Deafblind UK’s first free employment program, a charity for vision and hearing loss, will give people a positive mind to find practical skills and employment.

The 12-week program is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 who lives in the UK and is not currently working and is affected by a combination of vision and deafness.

Simon Moore, Head of Charity Operations, said: Sight and deafness pose a variety of challenges in daily life, and as a result, people often suffer from self-confidence, social skills, and energy levels. All the skills you need to find and control a job.

“Finding a job isn’t just about applying for a job. It’s about developing the mental strength to start the process and the resilience to continue. We work with people. To understand how to develop these traits and apply them to start job hunting. “

This course is taught through both group learning and one-on-one sessions and is led by an experienced employability coach. Guest speakers will also be an important focus, with representatives living as deafblind and hearing from employed speakers, local supporters and industry experts.

People learn about motivational changes, education, training, self-employment, job search, resume writing, interview skills, and qualifications for hiring and accessing jobs for people with disabilities.

You will also have the opportunity to work with an external mentor who will continue to support you for three months after the course ends.

This program is funded by the Vision Foundation and the Forester Family Trust.

Deafblind UK: Tel. 0800 132320

Text: 07903 572885


Work for deafblind job seekers

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