Working from home facilitates rethinking of UK workplace benefits

Working from home facilitates rethinking of UK workplace benefits

Working from home facilitates rethinking of UK workplace benefits

UK employers want to readjust their benefit programs to take into account the surge in telecommuting and to reflect the heightened mental health awareness that occurred during the pandemic.

Increasing telecommuting is a key driver of change, with two-thirds (64%) citing it as a key factor.

inside that 2021 Benefits Trends Willis Towers Watson, the world’s leading advisory, broking and solutions company, has found that the weakest areas of the organization in the past year are financial well-being (42%), social well-being (40%) and emotional well-being (40%). 39%) found to be evenly quoted. .. To change that, 86% prioritize improved support for emotional well-being for staff over the next two years, and two-thirds (67%) plan to increase their level of social well-being. And a similar percentage (63%) focuses on financial well-being.

Lucy McGrath, UK Health and Welfare Director at Willis Towers Watson, said: As we move to a hybrid model of telecommuting and office work, employers are keen to use that broad understanding to rebuild their benefits packages. Online healthcare, well-being apps, and mental health strategies are areas of increasing interest to many HR leaders who are enthusiastic about renewing their benefits packages.

“There is also a widespread shift in recognizing and meeting individual needs and situations, partly driven by the welcome rise of inclusion and diversity (I & D). A quarter of the enterprise. 3 states that with increasing attention to I & D, the approach to employee benefits such as health care, pensions and insurance needs to be changed. Technology is a traditional major such as pensions and life insurance. It has the potential to enable a much more personalized, tailor-made employee experience that goes beyond well-being. “

However, despite the organization’s commitment to improving employee benefits in the light of a changing work environment, many may still find it difficult to effectively change courses. Only one-seventh (15%) of UK organizations use surveys, focus groups, and other tools to understand the needs and needs of their employees. Currently, 3 in 5 (60%) do not have a clear profit strategy, but 78% want to create a customized profit program over the next two years (currently they have achieved this). Is only 10%).

McGrath added: “The pandemic has given many employers a fresh look at their interests and the role they play. Many organizations face a huge gap between where they are and where they want to be. Listening to staff is essential to finding the best way to personalize and enhance the employee experience. “

About the survey

The 2021 Global Benefit Trends Survey is based on responses from 3,642 employers worldwide, including 192 UK employers representing a total of 665,000 employees. The UK survey was completed in October 2021 for response.

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Working from home facilitates rethinking of UK workplace benefits

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