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World News: Stories reported by foreign media outlets

Most of the UK’s population is asleep, but it’s easy to think that other parts of the world are asleep. But that’s not the case-for many, our night is their day.

But what does their newspaper website report? What story holds their front page? Here is a brief summary.

New Zealand Herald The site is headed by the country’s Covid vaccination efforts. It states that 17.9 percent of people are taking a third dose or an additional dose, and 92.5 percent are taking at least two doses.

There are also articles about stories you may be familiar with: Ukraine, Novak Djokovic, etc. not yet This one It is very distinctive under the heading “Mystery at the Mill: The Bizarre and Unresolved Disappearance of Scientist Jim Donnelly”.

More than 450 people are reportedly missing each year in New Zealand, most of them found within a few hours, but some simply disappear. Jim Donnelly was a scientist working at the Glenbrook Steelworks in the southwest of Auckland. On June 21, 2004, he left the house he shared with his wife Tracey and his children Liam and Siobhan and went to work. He parked his car, set foot in the factory, and after entering his office, he did nothing.

Jim hasn’t been seen since then. His wife said, “We have two children, they went to school and we lived our lives in the usual way. I don’t know what it destroyed. “She reportedly said.

Then there are more anti-podean views. One, it hurts a lot Opinion pieceIn the wake of Prince Andrew’s saga, the Duchess of Cambridge said: She thank her uncle in law, Prince Andrew. ” Kidman, Australia’s leading site, describes Hollywood star Nicole Kidman as “a sad reason” why she’s been in her home country for a while.

Kidman is said to have arrived in Australia in December for the Sydney premiere of her latest movie, Being the Ricardos Wife. But instead of returning to the United States, where she is based with her husband Keith Urban, Nicole stayed in Australia. Apparently, her 81-year-old mother, Janel, was ill and her family was taking care of her.

Many foreign sites will pick up British news soon, San Francisco Chronicle The main focus is on regional issues. Breaking news around 4 am in our time reports that $ 7 million of personal protective equipment was left outside San Mateo County and damaged by a storm.

“PPEs (mainly face shields, goggles, non-medical grade gowns and cleaning supplies) were purchased early in the pandemic and stored in the San Mateo County Event Center building in San Mateo. At the event in mid-September. Additional space was needed. The supplies stored in the cardboard boxes were moved to the uncovered, fenced area of ​​the parking lot. “

As with many sites around the world, the tragedy of Boris Johnson’s party is surprisingly barely mentioned. Perhaps they are bored or don’t care anymore.

But politics is by no means far away. German site, While working in almost the same time band as Britain, Silvio Berlusconi (he of the Bunga Bunga Party) Come back.. “Italy’s centre-right party on Friday confirmed support for former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to become president,” he said. The new head of state of Italy, who will replace Sergio Mattarella, who will retire, will be elected by 1,000 lawmakers who will begin voting on January 24.

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World News: Stories reported by foreign media outlets

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