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Prosecution: Penny

Chris only cleans the dishes quickly, but says my dipping technique is unhygienic

My partner, Chris, flushes like a dirty student. He quickly rinses everything with a soap cloth, rather than filling the sink and soaking the dishes. It’s frustrating.

I wash away like a normal person. I put boiling water and a rinse in the sink and rub the dishes in the order of the least careful. The glass needs to be wiped quickly and then set aside, but slightly soaked in the bottom of the cutlery. You end up in a pot. If the bubbles do not glow white at any point, the water is dirty and needs to be replenished. Then move the dishes to the clothes-drying rack without rinsing them. In my opinion, this is the cleanest and most hygienic way to do things. Because everything has a small bath in the sink.

Chris says my dishes are covered with foam and dirty water because I don’t soot them. But if things are properly scrubbed and left drip-dried, you don’t need to rinse. His method also wastes water because the faucet is in continuous operation.

I met five years ago, and when I met him, he said, “Why don’t you fill the sink and soak it in and wash it off? It’s not difficult.” He hasn’t heard yet. I’ve been recreating the kitchen lately, so it came to my mind as there was disagreement about what kind of sink to choose. Chris wants two sinks, so he can rinse the dishes separately from the rest of the wash, but I want to soak in a large bowl of water in an elegant one-bowl sink.

Since I was a kid of the guide, I got a badge for washing, so it’s not so bad. I was also a kitchen porter. I know how to wash the dishes properly. When I see Chris lightly rinsing things under the faucet and claiming it’s clean, I try to hold my tongue down. We spent the night googled different styles and tried to find others online who were washed away like us. I find an example that proves correct, and so does Chris.

I hate seeing water run down drains: that’s the way I grew up. Rinsing is meaningless – the important thing is to scrape off the dirt in the first place. Chris needs to wash away the traditional method.

Defense: Chris

The plate needs to be rinsed.If you’ve been soaking in a sink full of dirty water for years, it’s not clean

I’m moving the faucet while washing. I rub the dishes as I go, then rinse them under the faucet, remove all grease and scum, and put them in a drain rack. Penny likes to take the dish out of dirty water and put it straight on the rack, which is incorrect. Taking the soap dish straight out of the sink and drying it means eating it later from a dish covered with dry soap scum and dirty water. Must be rinsed. You’re not going to take a spoon and soak it in dirty sink water to stir the coffee, right? That would be strange.

Penny says my flushing is a crime against the environment because I’m wasting it by moving the faucet. I think it’s true, my main concern is hygiene, but the waste is hers. I tell Penny: She said, “The plate has been soaked in dirty water for years and isn’t clean unless it’s been washed away.” Also, most of the time, it’s just eaten, so you don’t need to soak it anyway. She hasn’t heard But if you’re not bothered by washing dishes and dishes, why not wash them at all? Why don’t you keep eating again and again?

The penny method is time consuming and does not achieve good results. I usually do a little more washing, but when it’s Penny’s turn, I see her take the dishes out of the muddy water and put them straight on her rack. Sometimes, ironically, he says, “I can’t wait to eat breakfast from that dirty plate tomorrow.” But I usually don’t say anything. I value my life too much. I was also a kitchen porter at Curry House. And rinsing was everything.

It’s okay to soak it in hot water, but I’m worried about it after that. Penny should wash them off and finish the wash properly. I got stuck about the sink in my new kitchen. Our current sink has a large main bowl for rinsing and a small side sink. I think you need to have another two bowl sinks so that you have a place to rinse the dishes. Whichever you choose, you will not be filled with dirty soapy water.

jury Guardian leader

Should Chris wash away the penny’s path?

I’m with Chris about this-except you don’t have to keep the water running while you wash the dishes and cutlery. Also, the frying pan may require immersion. But then everything needs to be rinsed to get hygienic results.
Thomas, 31 years old

Both Chris and Penny are convinced that their method is the right one. They both take a deep breath and must accept that anyone who is flushing can do it their own way.In the future, doublethink very It’s convenient regardless of how you use it.
Carolyn, 51 years old

Chris is innocent. When soaked and scrubbed (properly), both will give a clean plate, but the soap bubbles and flush water are dirty and should be rinsed off. Also, if you need to refill your sink, you probably can’t save any more water. We recommend that you consider a dishwasher for your new kitchen.
Reri, 35 years old

Chris is right. As a final step, the dishes should always be rinsed with clean water. As long as the dishes are washed promptly, they do not need to be soaked to avoid the accumulation of bacteria from the attached food.
Athena, 28 years old

Chris is innocent – ​​the method of dipping a penny has several ecological benefits, but rinsing is essential. Why not combine the methods by first soaking the dishes and then quickly rinsing with running water? But after years of discussion about this, a new kitchen is planned, so why not invest in a dishwasher to save time, water, and ultimately emotional energy?
Anna, 46 years old

You are a judge

So now you can be a judge. Tell us in the online poll below: Should Chris adopt the penny flushing method, or is his method better?

I will share the results as you will be the judge next week.

Voting ends May 12th at 9am BST

Last week’s results

We asked Jim should curb his video game habits That’s because it bothers his wife, Marlene.

36% of you said no – Jim is innocent
64% of you answered “yes” – Jim is guilty

You are a judge: Does my partner need to soak the dishes before rinsing? | Life and style

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