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You can do 4,000 jabs a day in Cardiff’s new mass vaccination center

Cardiff’s latest mass vaccination center, located on the premises of the old Toys’R’Us store in the city, aims to significantly increase the number of jabs given daily in the Wales capital.

Fourth in the Cardiff and Veil regions, Splott, Pentuin and Barry.

Also, according to the CEO of the Health Commission, the new bayside site will allow about 4,000 vaccinations per day if there is no supply problem.

It was drafted as part of a large collective effort to ensure that all doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, and even members of the military receive the vaccine.

In military operations, civilians enter through a one-way system and present letters and ID to obtain vaccine doses at record speeds.

In most cases, it departs within 10 minutes and there are no lines outside.

Vaccinated people should check in to the call handler before proceeding

Tracy Meredith, Head of Testing and Mass Immunization, said: “This is our largest center and currently vaccinates more than 260,000 people in the local population, which is more than 50% of the first vaccinated adult population.

“We’re far ahead of the game, but it’s frustrating because a lot of people aren’t there. After investigating this, we’ve noticed that some people haven’t updated their GP records. So the letter looks like this: Go to someone else.

“We may have moved or changed the details and are urging you to contact the Health Care Board to update the information. Call to see if you still need or have not forgotten the vaccine. I’m wearing it.

“We are actively acting and trying to make sure we are calling people to see if they are coming so we can provide them with vaccines.

“Once we reach capacity, we can vaccinate 8,000 people a day, all based on availability, but we are ready and ready.”

The largest test center in Cardiff

It’s coming as Prime Minister Mark Drakeford told everyone The top nine priority groups will be served their first jab by Sunday.

Wales will be the first country to reach a milestone.

Immunization assistant Shirley Powell has helped administer vaccines throughout Cardiff’s site.

Her role is to make sure people get up and know where they need to be.

She said, “Some people don’t come out because they’re worried because they think they’re in a hurry. Because they’re surrounded by specialists, there’s too much information to talk to.

“This is what we all want and we are very fortunate to get the vaccine. Wales did a great job of getting the vaccine. People come from all disciplines and are in the middle. Some people are weeping on the spot. I am very lucky to be able to participate.

“It’s nice that each and every one of our staff works together and I’m really relieved by the vaccinated people.”

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Gareth Blanc, 57, from Cardiff, said he was relieved to finally be vaccinated.

He said: “I didn’t move home and register, and when I chased the health committee, they told me I should update my details, and I could have done it before.

“I lived down the road from the center and was booked within two weeks. The whole procedure was great so check the details and make sure you are registered with the correct health care committee Encourage people to do it.

“My partner kicked me upside down to set up myself, and I’m glad she did. All the staff here were really kind, and I can say Thank you for their good work and I’m glad it’s done. “

People received the first dose of the vaccine

People came from all backgrounds to help administer the vaccine.

One of them is Anthony Crump, 34, a student nurse in the final year.

He has been working at other Cardiff test centers since January.

“Most people are really happy and grateful to us,” he said.

“Some people are a little nervous, but calming down is part of our job. There are a lot of people who can’t get up, so we need to sit down a bit.

“But it’s a little frustrating because there are many people who want a vaccine.

“Many of us are student nurses and our staff are drawn from every aspect of the NHS. They were all very kind to the work we had to do, really great and great.

“It’s a good atmosphere to work. Vaccines are safe and effective, everyone should have it, and if everyone has it, we can move forward from it. “

Sonya Norman, the clinical leader, is responsible for ensuring that all 150 staff members are in the right place.

Anthony Crump benefited from that experience and learned from other senior nurses

Sonya ensures that all staff are in the right place

She states: “Many people aren’t vaccinated, but it doesn’t affect surgery. Eventually it’s at full capacity, so it’s a good way to get things done.

“The number of Cardiff vaccinations is amazing. We started with nothing. It’s a tremendous team effort and that’s the only way. If you make a reservation, it will take 10 minutes. . 15 minutes in total.

“If you get a letter, come and vaccinate. It takes almost no time and is the best way.”

Mark Jerry works as a call handler at the Immunization Center. His team greets people seeking vaccines and checks the letter before logging in to the system.

He states: “Most of the people we talk to are excited and privileged to participate. The overall operation is smooth and this center is arguably the best center ever.

“All staff work together. Everything works like a clockwork, where communication is essential.

“Without volunteers, it’s very difficult. They play a big role in keeping things going smoothly, and there are always a lot of volunteers.

“Volunteers deserve more recognition than they received.”

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Rhian Griffiths was relieved and excited after vaccination.

“I feel good after vaccination and I hope it continues,” she said. “Some of my friends feel a little sick, but I don’t feel anything big. I wasn’t nervous, but it’s imperative to move forward.

“The center here is very well organized and I went in and out in less than 10 minutes. My husband brought the vaccine here tomorrow and my mother is waiting for her second.

“Don’t worry. It’s very well organized, everyone is very polite and it’s a great experience. The staff explain everything so well that anyone can answer any questions.”

Chef Moslau Rahman, 53, was also vaccinated.

He said all family and friends in the BAME community were excited to be vaccinated.

He states: “In the end, everyone needs to be vaccinated to move on. I thought I would line up outside, but I went in and out in 10 minutes.

“There are a lot of conspiracy theories online that I don’t understand. I can’t understand these people.

“It is important that the whole country achieves it so that we can protect ourselves and others. I encourage everyone to come and achieve the vaccine.

“If you live in the UK and love the UK nations, come and accomplish it to protect yourself and others.

“I couldn’t wait for the vaccine to be completed. I want to take care of my family and friends. Many of them are vaccinated.

“In the BAME community, we are all looking forward to achieving that. Vaccination is paramount.”

You can do 4,000 jabs a day in Cardiff's new mass vaccination center

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