You can now get swimming training in goggles from the smart goggles startup Foam

Francis Marcelin, June 20, 2022

The form swimming community now has access to plans-professional swimming coaching, augmented reality real-time view / shape

Form, a Vancouver-based tech startup that creates smart swimming goggles, has released a new collection of digital real-time workouts for swimmers called Plans.

After a period of development and research by world-class coaches, users will benefit from digital swimming coaching from over 20 fitness plans as part of a monthly membership program that synchronizes with Form’s intelligent goggles during workouts. can do.

From beginners to advanced swimmers, swimmers can follow the real-time instructions displayed on their goggles. The series is progressive, planned for 2 to 24 weeks, with 2-3 training sessions per week, so you can improve your fitness and swimming abilities at all levels.

Dan Eisenhardt, founder and chief executive officer of Form, said:

“For millions of swimmers swimming alone, they can now put them underwater without worrying about what to do, how difficult it is to push, and whether they are heading towards their goals. I have a tool to make it stronger. “

Users can choose from different categories depending on the aspect of swimming performance they are trying to improve. The triathlon plan “focuses on race-style distance and pace”, the fitness plan “improves aerobic endurance and increases swimming confidence”, and the skill development plan “swimmers hone their swimming skills and get faster” Help me to become. ”

Form’s smart swimming goggles provide indicators such as split time, distance, stroke rate, heart rate and pace per 100m through an augmented reality display. Goggles can detect breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle and support pool lengths over 15m. You can also connect to your Garmin or Apple Watch in open water mode.

The form app synchronizes with data that members who are also members of the form community can analyze and improve their level and performance. Membership starts at £ 18 ($ 19) or £ 216 ($ 228) per year (for a 12-month contract), smart goggles, over 1,000 guided workouts, plans, app access, video tutorials, forms Includes access to. Swimming community.

Form was founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneur Dan Eisenhardt, who previously created Recon Instruments, a pioneer in the field of mobile AR that uses augmented reality to manufacture smart glasses with heads-up displays. Intel acquired the company in 2015, allowing former swimmer Eisenhardt to launch Form to focus on the intelligent swimming goggles market and create the “underwater coach” products the company is currently producing. I made it.

Zwift founder Eric Min and Uber’s former product and growth vice president Ed Baker recently joined Form’s board of directors to support the company’s next stage of growth.

There are over 1,000 trainings available to swimmers using the company’s smart goggles / shape

All workouts provide various indicators such as stroke rate and split time / shape

You can now get swimming training in goggles from the smart goggles startup Foam

Source link You can now get swimming training in goggles from the smart goggles startup Foam

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