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“You don’t just bring the travel industry back.”

Simon Calder, also known as The Man Who Pays His Way, has been writing about The Independent travel since 1994. His weekly Opinion column explores important travel issues and what they mean to you.

“When I returned to Mara, the stress of normal life was relieved,” Viv Lees wrote. “We were blessed with abundant wildlife found by quality guides in a camp that felt like a home. We were absent for too long.”

As 2022 approaches, it will be the third year of the coronavirus crisis, a comment that everyone in the travel industry wants from their guestbooks.

After months of turmoil, Ms. Lee felt that she had returned to the normality of a very special kind of trip, staying at a safari lodge deep in the vibrant wilderness of Kenya. Safari and beach vacations..

It’s been a month since the government announced that it would remove Kenya along with 46 other countries. “Red List” -You still need to quarantine a long and expensive hotel when you return to the UK.

Viv Lees participated in a photo safari led by Paul Goldstein, co-owner of Kicheche Camps. This is a critic of the government’s handling of international travel during a coronavirus pandemic.

“I currently have a complete photo group in Kenya,” he told me. “They booked two years ago and rebooked four times, but kept their faith.

“They all decided to have their safari, despite the expensive tests they had visited before and were forced to book for their return.”

Reality awaits when they return home from Nairobi Airport. There you will not be able to fly to London Heathrow without completing the UK Online Passenger Locator Form.

From experience, I’m not envious of anyone who decided to rely on wifi to fill out a questionnaire at the capital city of Jomo Kenyatta Airport-this week. Eurostar It consists of a “6 page list of redundant questions”.

There is plenty of evidence that the stress of life on Covid-19 has not been reliably relieved. The UK’s inbound tourism industry is not properly recognized as a disaster due to the high incidence of coronavirus and the intertwined bureaucracy that keeps visitors out.

The only distinguishable and consistent feature of the UK Ministerial Statement on this issue is the inconsistency and determination to impose a set of rules that are not in line with international norms.

Just one example: if someone on a plane to London gives a positive result Only passengers with NHS jabs escape quarantine – Foreign vaccinations are not considered sufficient to provide protection.

Adds a decision banning Europeans from entering the UK National ID card, And this is a very good time not to be involved in inbound tourism.

Reports from tourism companies wishing to welcome EU citizens to the UK consistently mention uncertainty about customer posts.Brexit The rule is while people responding to distant arrivals are listening to concerns about Britain’s swelling Covid case.

Still, the pain felt in rich countries is nothing compared to the suffering that tourism-dependent countries endure.

“Kenya and other developing countries now need tourists,” Paul Goldstein told me from his safari camp.

“Wildlife, like the millions of people employed on travel, need tourist money. There is no resting place for workers or Nu.

“People now seem to think everything is okay. This is ignorant and naive. It’s not just about reviving the travel industry.”

“You don’t just bring the travel industry back.”

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