Zayn Malik is unrecognizable with curly locks and full beard when announcing a career renewal

previous One direction Star Zayn Malik In his latest Instagram photo, he’s showing off curly rock and a full beard as he updates his fans about the clothing collection, which is the latest career move, so don’t recognize it. I saw.

The 29-year-old singer shared a snap with 45.9 million followers with full curly rock and full beard.

Known for his usual cropped short hair and stubble, the star was unrecognizable as he posed in a yellow hoodie with a graphic print design on the front and posed from the camera towards the sun.

The star has a snap caption. “It’s only two weeks before the PayntByZayn collection runs out. Biolink.”

Zayn looks unrecognizable in his latest Instagram snap

His new venture is a range of casual wear named Exhibition PayntByZain. In his latest Instagram post, he models a yellow hoodie from the range.

Clothes include men’s surf-style T-shirts, shirts, joggers, sweatshirts, as well as accessories such as wool hats and caps.

Fans went to the post for comment, so the new look was undecided.

One person wrote: “ZAYNU needs to shave, but I love you anyway!”

While the second pen is being written: “ZAYNWTFFTHATSHOT” is followed by a flame emoji.

Zayn Malik returns to Instagram for the first time since Yolanda Hadid's replacement and Gigi's division
Zayn is known for his short cropped hair and stubble

The X factor Stars look like a world away from the usual very short crop druck. He has been known for sports stubble in the past, but he is known to fans for his cleaner shaved look.

It was after Zayn’s former One Direction bandmate Liam Payne attacked him “for many reasons” by saying he “disliked” him.

28-year-old Liam became open about their rocky relationship after Zayn left One Direction.

Speaking frankly on the podcast Impaulsive with Logan Paul, Liam shared his thoughts on recent headlines, including his bandmates. Specifically, there are nasty rumors that he “pushed” in Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid. To the dresser during a fierce debate.

Liam Payne "glue" After living in America for years, give yourself to your son bear
Liam Payne recently said he hates former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik “for many reasons”.

In frank discussions, Liam has many reasons to always “hate” Zayn, but after a bond between the two during a six-year tour and performance, he always stands by a estranged friend. With One Direction, who openly admitted that there are several reasons.

“There are many reasons why I hate Zayn, and there are many reasons why I’m always on his side,” Liam admitted.

The singer also suggested a seemingly rigorous upbringing of Zayn, as the child may have influenced his navigation to adulthood.

Zayn and former Gigi Hadid.Pairs share daughter

Liam continued. “If I had to experience what he had-his growth and anything else. My parents are overly supportive enough to make it sometimes annoying. In that sense, Zayn is different. I was training. “

“You can always see where he is and say,’Oh, whatever, that guy’s ad ***’, but in the end, what he does to get to that point. Once you understand what you’ve experienced and if he wanted to go there.

“Listen, I disagree with any of his actions. I can’t praise some of what he did. I can’t be on his side for that,” he adds. I did.

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Zayn Malik is unrecognizable with curly locks and full beard when announcing a career renewal

Source link Zayn Malik is unrecognizable with curly locks and full beard when announcing a career renewal

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