A Taste of France

What’s not to love about France? The country has something for everyone, regardless of taste. Do you like nature? Take a trip to the cliffs of the Gorges du Verdon, or the stunning island of Corsica. Art fan? Head to the Louvre, the largest and most visited museum in France. Are you into architecture? A stroll around the capital city of Paris will leave you captivated by the elegance on display around every corner. Passionate about history? Make time to visit Notre Dame Cathedral, where Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor of France.And as for food…

As you may know, French cuisine is ranked among the most popular and prestigious in the world. Influenced by surrounding cultures such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germanyand Belgium, the French cooking style is imitated and admiredaround the world. Food is an essential part of French society, across allregions and socioeconomic strata. Haute cuisine is a staple in the French household.

Savvy travelers oftenchoose to take part in a Paris food tour,to taste some of the most famous French dishes frombasil salmon terrineto foie gras and pot-au-feu. These beautiful dishes can also be paired with an elegant wine, not to mention views of the Eiffel Tower.And anyone with a sweet tooth is sure to enjoy their stay even more, thanks to France’s exquisite pâtisseries and desserts. If you’re a food tourism devotee, then France will be sure to remain in your heart and memory forever.

What is food tourism?

Food tourism is the practice of traveling with a focus on each destination’s typical cuisine.Food tourists visit local restaurants and get to know cities and their culture by samplinglocal dishes. Doing so enables travelers to understand how a region’s geography, weather, socio-economic situationand social customs directly impact on its cooking methods and rituals.

You should know that there are as many Paris food tours as there are visitors to the city, so make sure todo some advance research and identify the right one for you. If you want to learn more, read on todiscover some of France’s most popular food tours.

●      Latin Quarter Food Tour

This tour starts at the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter. As participantslearn more about the medieval-era neighborhood, they will have the opportunity to taste the most delicious cheese, meats anddesserts that the area has to offer.

●      Le Marais Food Tour

Set in the historic streets of Le Marais, this delightful experience involvessampling typical French street food including croissants, baguettes, macaronsand chocolate.

●      Montmartre Food Tour

If you’re visiting Paris make sure to take a trip to the picturesque Montmartre district. Here, you’ll be able to pair a fine wine with excellent cheeses, cured meats, and crepes.

●      Saint Germain Food Tour

This tour beginsin St. Germain Des Prés, with a lesson on the city’s history and impact on French gastronomy, while you enjoy samples of foie gras, meats and pastries.

Every tour is led by a guide who will tell you a little bit more about the city, explainits key cultural traits, and reveal the connections between these elements and the dishes you are eating. It’s also an opportunity to stroll through the most tourist-friendlyspots in Paris, and discover unique venues that only locals know about. What’s more, every food tour in Paris includes an additional, secret dish that is sure to conclude each fantastic journey in style.

Food tours are a fun and delicious way of getting to know a cityand, as we have seen, there is a wide range of available tours, so it’s just a matter ofpicking your favorite destination and the dishes that suit you best. Remember, the sky is the limit, and you don’t have to do just one tour. Seriously, take as many food tours as you want (or can)!

Wine tours: “wine not?”

France is well known not only for its food but also its. So it stands to reason that the country is also home to some of the best wine tours in the world.

During these tours, participants can learn more about the country’s vines, the winemaking process, and the different varietals of each region, while identifying the varied tastes, colors and aromas of each wine and pairing them with the perfect dish.

Do you need to be a wine expert to do this tour? Of course not; you just need to like wine and be older than 18, which is the legal drinking age in France.

Traveling is always an enriching experience, and even more so if you opt to find out more aboutyour destination through its delicious food, giving you greater insight into the culture you’ve immersed yourself in. As the saying goes “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” – or, with a minor tweak: “when in Paris, eat as the Parisians eat”.

France is waiting for you with its magnificent monuments, beautiful views, romantic streets, and the best food you’ll ever eat. So buyyour ticket, pack your bags… bon voyage, and bon appétit!



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