Britain raises funeral toasts to Queen as pubs are packed at the end of bank holidays

Britain raises a toast to the Queen: The country bids a final farewell to Her Majesty as people pack into pubs and bars at the end of the holiday

Britons across the country raised a toast queen Tonight, following her sombre state funeral in Central London today.

Her Majesty the Queen, who died 11 days ago at the age of 96, was buried beside it. prince philip At St George’s Chapel after a poignant service at Westminster Abbey.

Up to 2 million people line the streets on a grand and historic day, Buckingham Palace Up until Windsor Castle, it’s estimated that over 4 billion people watched television.

But after a grieving day in public, fans of the royal family called on fellow Britons to host an informal wake.

“I just realized I should have planned a big wake,” wrote one Twitter user.

He added: Being forever proud is exhausting me mentally.

A woman covers her face while watching the Queen’s funeral today in Hyde Park in central London

Drinking at Sherlock Holmes Pub in St James’s in central London after the Queen’s funeral

Revelers toasting to Her Majesty the Queen at Halfway to Heaven in Charing Cross, central London

People watch Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral live in a London pub on Monday

Bartenders watching Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral from The Lion Pub, Treokee, Ronda Valley, Wales

Bartender Xaviar Morgan-Roe, 19

Another said, “It’s only natural for all of us to go to the pub to wake up and toast the Queen with a few tequila shots.”

One joked: ‘Go to the pub, that’s what she wanted’.

Others suggested that the pallbearers descend on the locals.

One wrote: “Her ten young men carrying the Queen’s coffin now need a few pints… what an act of service!”

Pubs in Wales and central London were filmed today as they filled up revelers after a historic state funeral, the first since Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965.

After the crown, orb and scepter were removed from the coffin, the Queen was finally laid down to sleep with her beloved Prince Philip and was able to descend into the tomb “as a simple Christian soul.”

‘Fizz for Liz’: Britons head to pubs to raise glasses for late Queen, whose state funeral was held on Monday

The royal family stood at the end of a brief devotional service, as the Queen was slowly dropped off and the dean of Windsor said, “Christian souls, set out on your journey out of this world.”

He also offered a commendation, a prayer in which the deceased is entrusted to the mercy of God.

Prince Charles looked deeply moved as the Queen’s oak coffin descended into the crypt on the day he said goodbye to “Mama,” the 12th British monarch to be buried at Windsor.

Her Majesty’s long journey to her final resting place – and reunion with the Duke of Edinburgh – began in Balmoral on the day of her death 11 days ago, and this evening her ‘strength and stay’ next to her personal Philip. ended with a burial. The King sprinkled dirt on his mother’s coffin at a private family service at 7:30 p.m.

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