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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Family Holiday

A family holiday can be exciting or terrible depending on your destination, accommodation and preparation for the trip. If you are planning to go on a family holiday this year, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Proximity

Your accommodation should be a walking distance of pubs, shops, the beach and any other places of interest. As parents, you can wander as far as possible without any worries. However, if you have limited mobility because of your children, the close amenities make it easier to explore as much of the destination as possible. For instance, if there is a garden to sit in, there is no need to drive or walk anywhere if you are tired. On the other hand, if you are taking a plane or the train, you should choose the accommodation that doesn’t need a long transfer time.

For many people during covid a local city break has been a good idea. The UK domestic tourism industry has grown by 40% and large cities such as Edinburgh and Newcastle have really benefitted. If you’re interested in seeing the Angel of the North and seeing the mighty Newcastle United play then check out these Newcastle hotel deals for a city break.

 2. Priorities

If you are suffering from aching muscles or joint pains, you should choose a place that has swimming pools and spa facilities. If you are bringing your children for the family holiday, you should let them know in advance how much time you will spend a group and how much time they can spend away from parents. Of course, they need to be respectful of everyone’s space. Also, you need to agree beforehand if you will be sharing the grocery bills and cooking. It will ease any concerns about who is paying for what. It will also prevent the issue of only one person footing the bill.

  1. Privacy

If you are having trouble sleeping, you should ask for a quiet room. If you are booking a hotel, you can always find out if there is an upgrade that accommodates their needs. Find out if there is a separate room for the adults and kids or separate toilet and bathroom. It’s a good idea to have some privacy from the children if it’s a family holiday. If you choose accommodation with various living spaces, you don’t have to spend the holiday together. With alternative areas to hang out, means that adults and children can both enjoy their freedom.

  1. Packing

If anyone is bringing medication, make sure you bring it early enough to avoid forgetting it at home or bringing less than required for the duration of the trip. Is anyone bringing medical equipment that needs to be charged or an adaptor that should be plugged into an international socket, make sure they remember it early enough. Always carry copies of prescriptions, travel insurance documents and European insurance cards if required. If there are doctor visits or medicine refills when you are away, make sure you don’t forget to arrange. In the event that glasses break or are lost, it’s always a good idea to have a spare pair.


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