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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Content To Help Your Website Stand Out In 2024

Improving the content creation on your site is important in driving and retaining web traffic, which in turn can lead to more sales and better engagement. But with so many improvement suggestions across the internet, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this handy guide, we’ve identified the five best ways to strengthen your content to help your website stand out from the crowd. Read on to discover how developing brand guidelines, varying content, and using forums can get your website fighting fit. Let’s dive in.

Vary Your Content

Steering visitors to your website for the first time is challenging enough, with you only having 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. This leads to a common mistake that regularly drives away vital website traffic, whereby creators develop content that is overly simplistic, boring, and repetitive. The vital element for success is keeping visitors on the website for long durations and encouraging them to visit regularly.

This can be achieved through creating a diverse offering with content across different formats. If you tend to create blog posts, why not make these varying lengths to attract different types of readers? Or shake things up even more by posting videos or infographics to present information in exciting ways? Infographics are the best way to catch attention immediately.

Varying your content doesn’t have to mean doing something different every time you post, but by sprinkling in a different format or type of blog post now and then, you’ll keep readers engaged over a longer period. It’s a great way to make your website a trusted place for them to visit more often.

Create Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a helpful tool when it comes to improving your content and helping your website stand out. This document covers everything from the fonts your website uses to the tone of voice you deploy and the colour palette you decorate with. Brand guidelines are beneficial in creating a familiar brand that readers can trust and rely on, improving product and advertising sales.

Brand guidelines ensure that you’re achieving consistency across your content. While you shouldn’t be repetitive, this document ensures that, no matter what you post, it’s clearly coming from the same brand that customers know and trust.

Don’t Be Too Serious

When it comes to content creation, being too serious can deter readers from visiting your website regularly. Life is already pretty serious, and creating dull content is a common way to fail at the website game. You’ll enjoy more attention if your content generates laughs, passion, or even sympathy. Use emojis, interesting fonts and stylish videos to keep visitors.

Puns, jokes and clever titles can all keep readers engaged, boosting your readership and generating more income from advertising and sales. Alongside content creation, why not redesign your website to be more eye-catching, colourful and interesting to scroll through?

Use Analytics, Feedback and Forums

You can’t continue to create popular content without knowing which of your posts are enjoying the most success. That’s where analytics come in.

Analytics tools can be used to better understand how your website is performing. The best tools will provide insights on a post-by-post basis, meaning that you can see in real time which posts are gaining traction. Gather this data and use it to identify common threads between popular content. Do your most popular posts all contain videos? Are they all colloquial in style? Are they long or short?

Asking readers for feedback is also helpful, though this should be done sparingly or with an incentive for doing so such as discounts or exclusive content. This feedback helps you to better shape your content for your specific audience.

Forums are a useful tool for improving content too. Discover what people are discussing in forums related to the topic of your website. For example, if you run a celebrity blog, scour forums to find out which celebrities are being talked about most and what kind of information people are discussing about them.

Combining these methods with effective SEO strategies will not only retain readers but constantly drive new readers to your site too.

Publish Popular Content More Than Once

Consider each post on your website as an individual product in a supermarket. Some posts perform better than others, just as some items in a store sell better than others. Content that is enjoyed by lots of readers should be considered your best-selling product and capitalised accordingly.

High-performing posts can be repurposed and reused, but you should always amend them slightly each time. Better practice still is to recreate content in a new format. For example, why not use the popular content in an infographic, video or audio format?

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