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BAUMA Construction Expo 2022 : The Road to Autonomous Machines

Trend-Set, was a trade fair that was intended to test such events under the pressure of COVID 19 and the outcome could only be deemed as being successful in July and the subsequent IAA Mobility event in September could be said to be equally successful. The attained success despite the elaborate safety and hygiene implementation for visitors that was thought would dampen spirits of attendees, in fact had the total opposite impact as it was received well. The reconnaissance of these events revealed that they measured well and was received positively by those involved and that it is actually to execute trade fairs again in these challenging times. All this has led to exhibitors looking forward towards BAUMA 2022 that will be held in Munich from October 24th right up to October 30th, 2022.

Anke Hadwiger, who heads Trade Fairs, Events & Training at Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, can be said to be expressively optimistic about BAUMA 2022 based on what he has witnessed thus far about trade fair conditions under COVID 19 conditions. The anticipation for the event is almost normal as if COVID 19 was not around and trade participants (Exhibitors) are equally eager and this eagerness only seems to be growing exponentially. Volvo CE, Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota, Caterpillar and Bobcat are just some of the exhibitors who are planning to pit against each other during the trade fair that has been designed with forward-looking concept ideas in mind. These industry players are gathering this time with more than just interesting inspirations and design impressions, it is going to be different in a sense that the trade fair will be representing the future of the construction industry this time. The Managing Director of Liebherr-EMtec GmbH, Joachim Strobel, added plainly that the pandemic in actual fact opened up new alternatives for communication and collaborations which were previously not even considered.

Marco Maschke who is the Manager of European Distribution Management in KOMATSU (German Division) attested the fact that the importance of BAUMA 2022 can never be undermined and as far as Komatsu is concerned BAUMA remains as the most critical trade fair for the entire heavy machine industry globally. BAUMA has never failed to represent the manufacturers in the industry in their true light and present the latest developments and their applications in the most practical ways. International industry gatherings such as BAUMA provides a comprehensive overview of market leaders and innovations related to heavy machines such as excavator for the excavator hire industry, building materials and mining machinery among others. The fair also gives live presentations, lectures and holds discussions on trendy topics related to the industry such as “Digital construction site”, “The road to zero emissions”, “The road to autonomous machines” and much-much more.

For more information on the event visit their website and get the latest updates on the event that is to be held in October next year. Slots are still open for exhibitors during the time this article was written. BAUMA will undoubtedly be the best place for manufacturers to showcase their products to the world.

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