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Cultural catwalks paint schools red by Manimekalai Ramaswamy (TGS)

On Friday, November 11th, Townley Grammar hosted a cultural day where students could wear traditional clothing. In favor of the annual event, the school hosted a bright and welcoming cultural fashion show. , struck the runway balancing jazz, power and elegance.

The 30-minute event was colorful and filled with hundreds of traditional beauties, from elaborate kente to majestic lehengas to striking shalvars. Ten minutes before the performance, the hall was packed, and many people joined the audience, intrigued by the uplifting music that wafted through the corridors. The two presenters themselves were beautifully dressed in beautiful golden hues and put on a great show even though I could barely hear the audience’s frenzied enthusiasm. The energy in the room was great, with excited rustling, friendly chatter, and sometimes even singing songs that were popular among the many ethnic groups within the school. eased the tension experienced by and performed many dances from either the seated audience or the runway, which certainly underscored the power of the atmosphere in the room.

It definitely brought everyone together from groups and cultures of all ages as we rhythmically clapped to songs we may not have known. Alba Mesoxa appreciated the event and comically added: Sore throat. My hands started to go numb. When Albania came out, I banged my flag so hard I could hear it. The painful hand was sympathized by several other students, including myself. Sukjit Kaul, another student at Townley Grammar, said: It was one of the few occasions of the year where he could all come together and celebrate our culture. ”

Students weren’t the only participants in Culture Day. Quite a few teachers and staff were seen wearing traditional clothing and jewellery, and this was a no-brainer at this school as there is usually no opportunity for people to come together and experience different cultures and traditions. One of his most popular events. This spontaneous day encourages school members to be proud of their background, where they come from, and who they are.

https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/indepth/features/23137866.cultural-catwalk-paints-school-red-manimekalai-ramaswamy-tgs/?ref=rss Cultural catwalks paint schools red by Manimekalai Ramaswamy (TGS)

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