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EU Official Says Twitter Has Broken EU Voluntary Pact Against Disinformation

twitter EU officials announced on Friday that the EU has withdrawn from a voluntary pact to combat online misinformation.

European Commission Thierry Breton Twitter tweeted that it had departed from the EU’s disinformation “code of conduct” that other major social media platforms have pledged to support. But he added that Twitter’s “obligations” remain, citing the EU’s new stringent digital regulations that take effect in August.

“You can run away, but you can’t hide,” Bretton said.

San Francisco-based Twitter, like most media inquiries, responded with an automated reply and did not comment.

The decision to abandon efforts to fight disinformation appears to be the latest move by billionaire owners Elon Musk It was to loosen the reins after buying a social media company last year. In pursuing his goal of turning Twitter into a digital town square, he rescinded previous anti-misinformation rules and threw verification systems and content management policies into chaos.

GoogleTikTok, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, among others, have signed an EU code requiring companies to measure their efforts against misinformation and issue regular reports on their progress. One of the companies.

There were already signs that Twitter wasn’t ready to deliver on its promises. Earlier this year, the European Commission, the executive arm of the 27-member European Commission, criticized Twitter for failing to provide a full regulatory first report, providing little concrete information. It said it did not provide any target data.

Bretton said fighting disinformation would become a “legal obligation” under new digital rules that incorporate codes of practice.

“Our team will be ready for enforcement,” he said.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/thierry-breton-ap-twitter-elon-musk-london-b2346843.html EU Official Says Twitter Has Broken EU Voluntary Pact Against Disinformation

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