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How the Rise In iGaming Is Helping the UK Job Market

The United Kingdom hasn’t been immune to the global trend of rare job opportunities. Finding a job these days is hard, and even harder post-Brexit. In the wake of a global financial crisis, one industry is quietly helping the UK job market and giving people well-paid jobs that contribute a lot to the economy. The iGaming sector has been growing for years and is expected to reach its apex in 2025, with gaming opportunities in UK’s biggest cities and smaller towns.

With the tech sector seeing a lot of vacancies, the iGaming market is booming right now. Jobs in this sector are up by over 20% this year, and they contribute more than double the national average to the economy (around £80,000 annually). It’s a sector that continues growing despite the pandemic and global job crisis, so if want a better job opportunity than the one you have now, it’s one of the best choices.

Which Skills Do You Need to Work in iGaming?

There’s no single recommended skillset that will give you an opportunity to work in iGaming. Currently, software developers are high atop the list of positions available in the iGaming sector. With a salary range of £45-70K, these positions are highly sought-after.

Take a look at theUK’s favourite online casino and you’ll see why developers are in such high demand as there are thousands of games out there which have evolved from the basic titles of old. Today’s online slots are complex and fun, have modern cutting-edge graphics and since they release on a weekly basis, the search for software developers will continue.

Artists, QA testers, animators, audio and visual designers, and project managers are some of the other iGaming jobs that are in high demand. The skillset for each requires different qualifications. For most jobs, it would be great if you have a technical background and/or some experience in programming. Jobs such as Project Manager will require extra skills and experience, but they also pay more.

Where Are the Jobs Located?

That’s the neat part about the rise of the iGaming sector. While the majority of jobs are in the bigger cities such as London, they are diversified among other sectoral hubs as well. You could easily get a job in a smaller town or even get a remote one.

In the wake of the pandemic, many iGaming companies have moved fully or partially remote. Working from home is easier than ever in 2021, and you won’t be losing on any financial opportunities. Micro-businesses that have around 10 employees are usually focused on remote work and the results have been excellent, especially in the past year.

The demand for iGaming jobs will grow in the future and is expected to peak in 2025. If you’re not satisfied with the careeryou’re currently in, you can retrain in another sector and give the online casino industry a go. With a high demand of well-paid jobs on offer, it’s an industry that’s well worth giving a look.

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