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London prepares for the arrival of Elizabeth II’s coffin after King Charles leads the royal family on alert


Ondong Preparing to lay the Queen’s coffin in new condition king Led a moving vigil to end a day of condolences and marches Edinburgh.

Charles III And his brother solemnly stood on either side of his mother’s coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral on Monday night.

The King bowed and offered a poignant 10 minutes of silence which he shared with the Duke of York, Earl of Wessex and Princess Royal.

A long and bleak moment for the King, who heard tributes from MPs at both London’s Westminster Hall and the Scottish Parliament, and led the procession as his mother’s coffin was carried from Holyrood House along the Royal Mile in the Scottish capital. The day is over. In front of thousands of mourners.

King Charles III and members of the royal family hold a memorial service at St Giles Cathedral

/ PA wire

“I can’t help but feel the weight of history surrounding us,” the King said as he addressed parliament in London.

“At a very young age, His Majesty the late Majesty took an oath to serve his country and people, and to uphold the precious principles of constitutional government at the heart of our nation.

“She set an example of selfless duty. With God’s help and your counsel, I am determined to follow faithfully.”

He told the Scottish Parliament:

The King, accompanied by the Queen’s consorts, addressed the MSP during a condolence debate in her honor

/ PA wire

“Determined to always pursue the well-being of our country and its people, we rely wholeheartedly on your goodwill and good advice as we carry this work forward together.”

The Queen lies in St Giles’ Cathedral for mourners to see until Tuesday afternoon, but the Scottish government has warned that people will wait after midnight to get a glimpse of her coffin. increase.

At around 3pm on Tuesday, the monarch will depart Scotland on a Royal Air Force aircraft from Edinburgh Airport to London.

People sitting next to tents set up along The Mall

/ AFP via Getty Images

The Queen will rest overnight in the Bow Room at Buckingham Palace before being transported to Westminster Hall on Wednesday, where she will remain until her state funeral on Monday 19 September. Details of her funeral have yet to be announced, but the date is a public holiday.

London is preparing for her to lie stateside, police numbers have been beefed up across stations and roads have been blocked.

The public has already started lining up in the capital, even though we didn’t get to see the Queen’s coffin until Wednesday afternoon.

The King and Queen will attend a number of official duties in Northern Ireland on Tuesday and receive a telegram of condolences led by the Speaker of Northern Ireland’s Parliament.

They are expected to be greeted by thousands of members of the public who are encouraged to line the streets of the city in the afternoon.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/king-charles-london-queen-elizabeth-ii-coffin-royals-b1025168.html London prepares for the arrival of Elizabeth II’s coffin after King Charles leads the royal family on alert

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