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Marketing Tips for Interior Designers on Instagram   

Instagram’s popularity has been increasing since the day it was launched. The application is used by many marketing brands, entrepreneurs, and marketers worldwide, and it has proved to be successful. The application is visually driven, that’s why it is such an excellent platform for Interior Designers. The picture-sharing app can help you as an Interior Designer showcase your skills, expertise, and products, 3D maps, floor plans, and ideas about decoration in the form of media presentation. 

   There is a general saying that any business idea is easier said than done, the same goes for marketing on Instagram as an Interior Designer. But with the proper techniques and strategies, you will begin to understand and learn how easy it is to get traffic to your business website or posts on Instagram. We will discuss some marketing tips that you, as an Interior Designer, can utilize to make your brand more popular.   

  Exemplary Content     

   Content acts as fuel for any brand to be visible and succeed. Your content should be by your niche so that your audience is engaged and interested. Sharing anything outside your niche portrays a bad image of your professional and you as a brand. 

Remember, since Instagram is primarily visual, it provides you with good opportunities to post quality pictures of your ideas, work, and products. Not only can you share pictures with your followers but also let them know about your experience via posts. Good content attracts your existing followers and it could also be a way to bring new users, who could be prospective clients in the future. Having more followers is always better when building a brand on Instagram, if you are currently a new startup, you can buy Instagram followers (UK) to aid you in starting your profile.   

Make sure that you are posting your content. When you share your work on any project you are doing or have done, it adds legitimacy to your business. You can even go live on Instagram to show you the places in which you are currently busy doing any interior design job or task. Adding location tags also helps audiences relate to the location that you have posted. You can learn how to take good aesthetic photos of kitchens, living rooms, lounges, and bedrooms by viewing profiles of other interior designs on Instagram. You can take good photos of your creative designs to post them on your profile to inspire your followers.    

Following the Right Accounts     

As an Interior Designer, your aim should be to connect to your industry. This is only possible if you are following accounts in the Interior Designer niche. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to boost their profiles. You don’t necessarily have to steal their idea, simply analyze what type of posts can get your profile more exposure, more followers, and more likes.      

You must comment on relevant Instagram accounts and business profiles just to get yourself known. If you post a comment on any Instagram page that is actively receiving thousands of likes and comments, your username or comment might get the attention of the customers. are following that page. They might check your profile as well just to see what you have posted on your page out of curiosity. Some of these customers might follow you or love to have a contract with you after viewing your projects

Make sure to follow only relevant accounts, Instagram’s algorithm shows you posts related to your industry. Furthermore, your presence is also seen in the interior design industry.     

Educate your Audience   

People love to buy from brands that showcase their real-time projects. For instance, if an interior designer is sharing his work on his profile, some followers will simply like it while others might want to try to get the same interior done in their home. Instagram is a potential marketer for gaining more customers. So what you need to do is get yourself identified as a professional designer there using the best marketing strategies.

You must be very interactive with your followers. They will feel comfortable speaking their mind and writing comments on your profile. Furthermore, they won’t hesitate to reach you with their problems. Share your posts to inspire them but also talk about those common mistakes that people make in interior design. Never be shy in showing them why you are one of the best interior designers in the industry. Share your story of how you furnished a small cabin in the woods on a tight budget, talk about economical decorations you have done for people, and discuss new ideas. 

 Regular educational and informative posts make the audience believe that you are the brand that could either resolve their problems, help them incorporate an idea into an executable plan, or provide better advice on how to decorate a home in a better way.

 Correct Usage of Hashtags   

Hashtags are greatly effective when you market your brand on Instagram. Hashtags are clickable and readable, they redirect your followers to the most relevant posts. This helps them in finding you or your post on the Instagram interface.  

For example, if you use the hashtag #interiordesign, anyone who would be interested in interior designing would click or search for it. There is a high possibility that they will come to posts organically. You might end up getting thousands of followers naturally by only using hashtags.  

Hashtags are also beneficial when you try to create brand awareness. You should create a Hashtag that only relates to your brand like #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola or #kitchenrenovations by (your brand name). When your followers share any of your posts on their feed and wall, more people will come to know about your brands and hence it can help you get the exposure you are looking for.   

Greeting New Followers      

Keeping in touch with your existing followers and greeting new followers is essential when you are in the phase of branding yourself on Instagram. This will create a sense of trust; let them know about your business, how you work, your suggestions, your ideas, past projects, current plans, and thoughts on renovating the home in a better way outside the traditional approach.

Engage your followers in a friendly manner to motivate them to share your posts and ideas with their loved ones.  These new followers could turn into potential customers if treated the right way. Treating them right means being interactive, friendly, and communicative with them. In case you have just started and become viral, you can buy Instagram likes (UK)F for a bit of head start engaging and becoming famous     

Reaching out to Influencers    

Influencers are an asset on Instagram as they aid in reaching out to a wider audience. As an Interior Designer, your influence could be anyone, a celebrity, designers, furniture experts, fashion bloggers, or an enterprise page with millions of followers. Influencers have already made a name for themselves and have millions of users that engage with their posts, depending upon their popularity. Influencers could assist you in interior designs by collaborating with you on your page. You can give a shoutout to their posts and in return, they might share your posts on their page to help you get more traffic as well as followers.  



 The celebrities or influencers could be your new clients, depending on how inspired they are by your work. Home or office interiors are a need for almost everyone; you can collaborate with influencers or celebrities who are your clients or were in the past. Nothing is better than an Influencer telling people how they have had a personal experience with you in the past and how their project turned out to be the best one upon completion.    


Know your Competition   


As a business, it is essential to keep track of our competitors. In any business, you will always have competition. Competitors’ pages are a way to learn new marketing tactics. When you plan to market yourself on Instagram, you need to have a look at your competitor’s page just to assess what he is doing to keep followers more engaged in the posts, content, and video. You don’t necessarily have to copy their 

presentation layouts but it will help you come up with a better way of reaching out to your customers.

 For instance, if your competitor is doing a voice-over on the latest 3D videos to explain the details, you can do the same and put in some textual captions on your media. Marketing is all about improvising on the quality of content and the way you even present it to your customers.  A thorough search will dramatically help plan effective strategies and point out things that you might be missing.    




Be Consistent    


Most brands fail to remain consistent in posting high-quality content on Instagram and this leads to less growth of business overall. When you intend to market a brand on a new platform, every day is essential for the growth of the business and you must update your account with one post minimum per day. 


Instagram is a great platform for a brand to know what their audiences like. Polls are a great way to know how your recent posts are doing or what your audience likes to see. You can make use of trends to keep your profile more interactive. Let your audience express what type of content they are willing to see. This makes them feel that they are heard and encourages them to participate in your posts/polls.   

For instance, you can share recent pictures of kitchen makeovers or dining room transformations, and start a poll to ask if this interior design is something your audience will love to go for. This is going to give you an idea of what customers normally like in design.

The Perfect Profile   

   Your profile is the first thing other Instagram users see before clicking on it. Your username and profile picture must be relevant to your business.  You cannot run an Interior Design brand with a username like “@janefoster1”, “@ThomasTes”, or “@sarah631” etc. Your username should reflect what you are and what you represent. The profile picture should also be business-related instead of a pet or scenery.    

Instagram also has a feature to differentiate between personal and business accounts. Make sure that you are registered as a business account so that your audience knows you are a brand. Your bio should have information related to your business and expertise. The perfect profile will significantly help get more traffic generated for your brand.  


Instagram also has a feature of adding a website in your bio. If you have a website with all your business details, contacts, and locations, Make sure to have it added so that your followers recognize your brand even more. 

Encourage Suggestions   

As an interior designer, you need to post pictures related to designing an office, home, kitchen, patio, terrace, front yards, dining room, home theater, and master bedroom or the project you have recently completed.

 Always try to encourage your followers to participate and spot even the smallest details in your work. This tends to create more comments. As a result, the algorithm makes your post appear on the top. Sometimes others can detect or suggest things that could not pop up in your mind. This just gets you closer to being an efficient interior designer.

Choosing the Right People for Help  

  Reading tips for marketing on a specific platform does help you a lot, but the experience can get you results quickly. There are social media managers available in every type of industry. Not only can they help in getting your account popular but also assist you in becoming a recognized brand on Instagram. You can view a social media manager’s profile who works in the interior design community and decide if he should be added to the project. A team of two or more would be better than a single person trying to create brand

Have a clear mindset 

You must have a clear mindset when it comes to putting together strategies and plans for marketing. Without a proper plan, you can get sidelined very easily. As a brand, you must have defined goals and milestones. List the reasons you are marketing on Instagram, allocate a budget and figure out what strategies would result in getting the results. Whether you are building brand awareness, showcasing your skills, or generating extra revenue, it is necessary to map each plan down and strategize accordingly. 


Using Instagram’s Features  

Instagram is mostly a picture-sharing app, so Interior designing brands can do very well on this platform. Instagram has a feature that lets you add up to 10 images to a single post. As an Interior Designer, sometimes it is not possible to present the content in a single picture; so, on Instagram, you can use this feature and post two, three, or up to ten images so that your audience has a complete view. Moreover, you can post before and after pictures of projects to inspire the audience with the changes you have made in your project.  

  Instagram also has features for posting stories and reels. The IGTV was a great addition that helped people and brands post videos related to their content and niche. As an interior designer, you can effectively use stories by announcing a new project you are using. Also, you can use this feature to take a poll or run a short survey.

  IGTV and reels work great when you are willing to show a short recorded video. As designers, you can portray your skills and expertise in these videos by showing what problems ordinary people encounter with interior design. Shoot a short video of any room that you have done just interior in and share it with the followers to find out what they have to say about it.   

Tell your story  

  Social media is all about creating a relationship or bond with your audience. People feel attached when they get to know about a brand’s story. Post candid pictures of your team that works at the back, the lighting crew, the cameramen, and the owner just for instruction. This makes your audience connect with you emotionally. 

A story could also be about your success in the business. Every business has a backend story of how it was started on a particular budget and became a huge success within a particular period. You can share your story with your audience by sharing old pictures with them that go back to the time when you were starting with the idea of making a successful brand.

  Keep track of your progress 

 One of the most important things is to keep track of how your brand is progressing on Instagram. You could be working for months with no results, and all the hard work would go to waste. Analysis helps you take business steps and determine if a specific strategy is constructively working.  

 Metrics assist you in deciding what type of content is generating more traffic and how your followers have reacted to recent posts. Analyzing all parameters as a business is essential for its revenue growth and building brand awareness.


 Instagram is an excellent platform for marketing as an Interior Designer. The Facebook-owned application provides good opportunities to brands due to its large user base. However, as a business, you need to have a strategy and a fail-proof promotional content idea, so that you can grow your brand easily on the network.

 You can share the insights of all the projects that you have completed just to let people know what your capabilities are in the field. Share 3D Floor maps along with virtual presentations of your ongoing projects to attract more clients. When your followers view your post, they do share it, and this could be a potential way for you to get more clients from different parts of the world.

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