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Zonka Feedback Review 2022: Features, Functionality, Pricing, Support and More

Zonka Feedback


Ease of Use: 9.4/10

Quality of Support: 9.5/10

Ease of Setup: 9.4/10

Source – g2.com

Customer Reviews:

“Amazing Value for money proposition”

What do you like best? – “There are a plethora of features available in Zonka Feedback. Survey Builder is easy to use and offers many customization options. Templates can be used as a great starting point for creating surveys. These templates include a list of questions and sequences that will help you build an excellent survey. The system is simple and easy to use. Zonka’s help section is quite exhaustive and detailed. Highly informative and well organized.”

What do you dislike? – “Tier-based systems have their own set of challenges for the buyer. Not all features are available in their starting tier. As you move up, the prices can be steep!”

“The only feedback tool you will ever need!”

What do you like best? – I really like how everything is logically organized in regard to the UI, the platform can handle a lot and offers a lot of options, still manages to make it easy for the user to navigate and quickly set up a survey/feedback form. Multiple templates allow for question ideas and if you are not happy, it is editable so you can customize what you want to ask your clients, plus also change colors and design. The one thing that I love about it is the direct SMS sending option. I can distribute the survey via SMS without any hassles and use of any third-party software or automation. I can also schedule the SMS. I think it is a good platform for surveys. It also offers analytics, which makes it very convenient to analyze all the data and make it useful!

What do you dislike? – “One thing that I don’t like is the UX, which needs a little modernization, and I think the platform gets a little slow sometimes. Other than that, it is solid!”

Zonka Feedback is one of the easiest yet powerful Survey App and Customer Experience Management platforms that small and big businesses use to capture and analyze Customer and Employee Feedback at various touchpoints of the business, enhance satisfaction and improve experiences.

It is a comprehensive tool to create customized surveys and send them to your audience through multiple channels: SMS, email, website, Android tablets, and smartphones. With its ready-to-use inbuilt templates, you can create various types of industry-specific surveys like Patient Feedback Surveys, Employee Feedback Surveys, Guest Feedback Surveys, Student Feedback Surveys, and more!

Key Features:

  • Easy to Set up and use – It is super easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface to use.
  • Templates – It has ready-to-use templates of various types with 40+ question types to use. You can also customize the surveys.
  • CX Metrics – You can create metric surveys and measure CX metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES 2.0
  • Employee Feedback – You can also capture employee feedback and measure metrics like Employee Net promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Trigger Surveys – You can set triggers to send automatic surveys, both transaction-based as well as regular relationship surveys.
  • Real-time alerts – You get real-time alerts to get notified about every feedback received.
  • Feedback management – The app also helps to assign tasks to your team members with respect to feedback received and effectively close the feedback loop.
  • Multilingual Surveys – You can create and send surveys in multiple languages for your customers of diverse backgrounds.
  • Multi-Location management – You can measure and compare feedback and CX metrics across multiple locations.
  • White labeling – You can white-label your surveys and add your own log, brand, and styling.
  • APIs, Webhooks, and Integrations – Allows Zapier integrations and offers powerful Integrations like Slack, Google Sheets, Zendesk Shopify, and more!
  • Zonka for Webex – It’s Webex edition Zonka for Webex allows you to create and share live surveys, polls, and quizzes during a Webex meeting and analyze the results without breaking the flow of your Webex session.


Pricing starts from $29/month. Offers various plans:

Professional – $79/month – White-labeled surveys, advanced reporting for growing teams.

Growth – $169/month – Designed for larger teams to manage a complete feedback platform.

Enterprise – $429/month – A complete feedback management solution with personalized support.

Custom – For businesses looking for custom solutions, Zonka Feedback provides customized quotes.

It also offers a Free Trial for 15 days.

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