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Turning Your House Into a Home: A Guide

If you have only just moved to London and you have not completely settled into your new living space yet, you might not feel as if your house is truly your home yet. As such, rather than feeling uncomfortable in your own home or flat, here are some of the best ways that you can turn your house into a home in 2022.

1.    Get a Houseplant

If you are currently unable to get a pet because you rent or because you work a lot, a houseplant is the next best thing, with many people becoming plant parents, as this gives them something to care for and think about all the time. Although you might think that houseplants are high maintenance, this is not the case, and there are many houseplants that you can invest in which are easy to care for as long as you remember them. As such, to find a houseplant that can breathe life into your home and can help you to relax as soon as you enter it, you should consider looking at options, such as the fiddle leaf plant.

2.    Invest in Soft Furnishings

Your home will hardly feel like a place that you want to be and feel comfortable in if you are unable to snuggle up within it. As such, you should consider investing in some soft furnishings that can help you to wrap up and stay cosy throughout the winter months. These can help to make your home that bit more relaxing. As such, you should consider looking around for soft furnishings like rugs, cushions, throws and curtains that have interesting patterns and that can brighten up the style of your home and make it feel like your own.

3.    Redecorate It

Sometimes, you may avoid redecorating your home because of the time, effort and money that this takes, as well as the inevitable disruption that it may cause. Not only this but redecorating your home is often not possible if you rent. However, if you can, you should consider redecorating your home, even if you are currently happy with its décor. This will make it feel more like your own house and can allow you to start transforming it into the home that you have always dreamed about. You should at least consider re-painting the walls and laying down new flooring and carpet within it.

4.    Display Ornaments

If all of your possessions are still in giant boxes, you should also consider taking the time to display them. By doing this, you will be able to make your house feel more like your old one, and you might also consider bringing furniture from the old one with you, especially if your previous home was much-loved by you. This can then ensure that you do not feel as if you are living within an isolating and clinical space for months on end until you get round to unpacking and finding space for all of your possessions.

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