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When a girl gives a postman a letter to Santa, his reaction goes viral

A little girl went viral after her mom filmed her reaction opening a letter from Santa.

Seven-year-old Alana wrote a handwritten letter to her father for Christmas, asking for arts and crafts, luxury gifts, and sweatshirts.


Danica records daughter opening letter from Santa, goes viralCredits: Make Headlines
Johnny, 41, replied to Alana's letter to Santa


Johnny, 41, replied to Alana’s letter to SantaCredits: Make Headlines
letter from johnny


letter from johnnyCredits: Make Headlines

Her mother, Danica, 33, from Norwich, gave it to the family. local post office He could send it to Lapland.

Just two days later, Johnny the Mailman returns with an envelope to celebrate Alana’s Day.

he said:

“Alana was waiting at the door with a letter to Santa in the North Pole.

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“The excitement struck a chord in my heart.

Johnny, 41, said he started looking online for Santa letter templates so he could reply.

He added: “On Monday, I printed it out, put it in an envelope, and brought it back to Alana that day.

“I was completely taken aback by the reaction. I was just doing my job!”

Danica captured her daughter’s “face lit up with joy” and went viral on social media.

“I thought it would be a good idea for Alana to give the North Pole letter to Johnny.

“Alana was extremely overjoyed and excited when she received the response to her post.

“I’m surprised too! Johnny has the potential to be Britain’s best postman.

“I was so touched that he decided to do this for my daughter. Christmas.”

wish come true

An online post showing Alana giggling with joy and excitement received hundreds of likes.

Contents of the letter: Dear Alana, Merry Christmas. It’s time to pack up the sleigh and go skiing with Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer.

“I’ve been checking out the nice list and Mrs. Claus and I are delighted to have you on the list this year.

“Don’t peep on Christmas Eve and go to bed early!

“And please leave some carrots for the reindeer and some cookies and milk for me. We are very hungry to deliver toys to every good boy and girl in the world.

“I hope you are the pride of your parents and continue to inspire other children.

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“Your friend, Santa Claus. PS. I loved cookies last year, do you have more?”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20779367/girl-gives-letter-santa-postie-response-viral/ When a girl gives a postman a letter to Santa, his reaction goes viral

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