The casino industry keeps growing. And almost every day, there’s a new casino coming up with a hoard of games to offer – and that’s just one of the many fun facts about casinos! Even as we trudge deeper into this exciting world of gaming, it’s clear that many facts have been lost along the way. Yes, we have the exciting opportunity to play almost anything online, including wagering on a monopoly casino. But how much do you truly know about the casino industry? What are the facts, and what are the lies? Let’s discuss 10 facts you might not even know about these establishments!

1.   There was a casino in (wait for it) Nevada State Prison

We all know that Nevada has always been a hub for casinos. Almost everyone who wants to have a wild time and gamble goes to this state. But do you know just how popular casinos were in the state? Well, when Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, the prison officials and the prisoners were beside themselves with joy. Here was a chance to make prison life more exciting by putting their money where their mouths were. And it took off. So, for the next 35 years, prisoners ran a casino called The Bullpen, which was a lot more fun than some casinos out there. It finally shut down in 1967, but not before making it to the history books. How’s that for a fun fact?

2.   Casino Games Pay Off at Less the Odds of Winning

Whoa! That might seem a bit confusing. But you may have already heard that the house always has an edge – the house always wins. Is it true, or is this a misconception that keeps good players out of the game? Well, there is a good reason that casinos keep minting millions of dollars a year. Even with players devising all sorts of strategies, the house keeps winning.

Let’s use a roulette wheel as an example. The common thinking is that the game has a fair chance of winning. After all, it boasts 18 black and 18 red options. That’s 50 – 50, right? Not even close. There are two green options that people forget about. So, even if you were to wager, you don’t have a 50-50 chance of winning. You can wager $1 on each spin (having chosen black), and even if you scored each number, you would win $18. And guess what? You would have lost $20 because of the green and red options. See? That’s why casino games are so profitable.

3.   The Sandwich Made its Debut in the Casino

Most people would rather avoid leaving the casino until they have played enough. That’s why casinos stock bars and snacks and even offer full meals. Earl John Montagu (the 4th Earl of Sandwich) was one such player. Instead of heading home to grab a bite when the hunger pangs came calling, he instructed his servants to bring him food. Guess what he wanted – meat wrapped in two slices of bread. From then on, the sandwich came to be a popular snack – not that he was the first person to ever make one, but because this event popularized the simplicity of the sandwich.

4.   Decision-Making Does Not Impact Most Games

Most players work to offset the house edge in some way – by making decisions that reduce their losses. But guess what? In most games, these decisions have little to no impact. Take roulette as an example. Any number on that wheel has a chance of coming up on each spin. So, each time, any number has 1 chance out of 38. And regardless of what decision you make, you cannot change that. But in games like Blackjack and Video Poker, your decisions affect how far you go. So, forget about decision-making for most of the games of chance – it won’t matter anyway.

5.   Las Vegas is Not the Gambling Capital of the World

Which city would you head to if you had $50,000 to wager? If you ask most people, Las Vegas comes to mind. After all, most popular gambling movies and stories start and end with Las Vegas. It’s thus quite surprising to learn that Macau takes the cake on this one. Yes, people who want to gamble away tons of money go to Macau to do so with the high rollers. And the difference shows in the generated revenue. Macau makes as much as four times what Vegas does a year!

6.   The Casino Roots for you to Win

Do you think the casino management wants you to take home any money? The answer is yes. You might think that they frown and sulk each time a slot machine goes off or when someone has a pile of chips. But they don’t. You see, no matter how often you win, the casino still has an edge. The machines are set up to pay out a given percentage of the cash to the casino no matter what. So, the management knows that they still get their cut even if you win. If anything, they need you to win and keep playing so they can earn their salaries.

7.   The Roulette Wheel is also known as The Devil Wheel

If you are one for superstitions, you will enjoy playing casino games. There are so many beliefs that some players have taken to heart – wearing red for good luck, blowing on dice, standing when playing, etc. And then there are the superstitions about actions that summon bad luck, like crossing your legs or counting your money before the game is over. So, with the roulette wheel boasting 666 as the total of its numbers, you can see how superstition would find its way to it.

8.   American Roulette is Harder than European Roulette

Roulette has many variations, and thanks to online gambling, you can access almost each one on your phone. So, is any variation better than the next? Yes, European roulette. You have an extra slot with the American variation, making the total possibilities 38. That reduces your chances of winning by a great deal. That means that sticking to the 37-slot variation might be worth a thought the next time you play.

9.   Casino Dealers Must Clear Their Hands

Have you ever watched a dealer leaving the table during a break? They raise their hands towards you and then leave. And you might think that they do this for you. But that’s not it – they do it for the security system. They ascertain that they have not taken any cards or chips off the table by showing their bare hands.

10.FedEx Survived Due to Gambling

Have you used FedEx? If you have not, you have probably heard about it – great logistics company. But it was not always so shiny and rosy. In 1973, the founder (Fredrick Smith) only had $5,000 in his company bank account. It might seem like a lot of money at the time. However, he owed almost $24,000 to his fuel provider. So, he was pretty much on the verge of bankruptcy. Smith took the $5,000, went to Vegas and came back with $27,000. That was the decision that propelled FedEx to its growth in the years that followed.

Were you aware of any of these facts? If so, which ones and what do you think about them?


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