10 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

Besides improving engagement, comments encourage others to comment and increase the follower base. This is because responses encourage others to engage as well. When a post receives tons of comments, it signals to the Instagram algorithm that the post is quality.

Consequently, Instagram is likely to show posts with tons of comments to more people thereby increasing engagement. As such, the more comments you generate from your posts the better the feed ranking. That way, you stand a chance to not only attract more followers but also boost the credibility of your Instagram account.

Therefore it is important to encourage as many comments as possible on your Instagram account. All you have to do is craft great captions that drive engagement. The more interesting and valuable content you share the higher the chances of attracting comments for your posts.

While there are over 500 million daily active Instagram users worldwide, a handful of users have managed to attract tons of massive comments from their posts. If you are interested in buying targeted instagram followers for your business in the united kingdom you must visit Boostlikes.co.In this article, we highlight a few individuals that have taken Instagram by storm through attracting tons of comments.

 #1.Alexandros Kopsialis   (43.8 million Comments)

Greek YouTuber and influencer Alexandros   Kopsialis commands one of the highest  Instagram comments. The giveaway post attracted almost 44 million comments from followers.

Some of the prizes promised by the post include;

  • A play station 5
  • 500 sport automatic Fiat car.
  • An iPhone 12 pro 128GB.

Shockingly, the post sparked tons of comments due to the giveaway among other prizes for winners.

#2.xxxTentacion (Last goodbye 10.4 million comments)

If you are new to Instagram, you can attest that it takes time to build a strong presence on the social platform. While you are struggling to build your Instagram account, other established users are enjoying a massive presence.

The next most heartbreaking tone of comments are linked to the death of American rapper and songwriter xxxTentacion. By the time of his death, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy had an Instagram follower count of 18.9 million.

Upon his death, his followers flooded one of his posts with tons of comments. This attracted over 10.4 million comments making it to the list of posts with the highest comments on Instagram. While most of these comments were attributed to his death, his popularity and strong Instagram following partly contributed to a surge in the number of comments on one of his posts. The bottom line is that a high number of followers play a crucial role in getting tons of comments.

#3.   Sidhu Moose Wala (want it to happen?) 5.3 million comments

The Indian musician Sighu Moose Wala broke the internet by attracting 3million comments within 24hrs in one of his posts. Commanding 5.9 million followers, the Indian musician managed to attract tons of comments thanks to the popularity of his music.

The musician simply requested his followers to aim at 5.3 million comments if they want to release the teaser of his album named ‘’Moose Tape’’. Due to Indians’ love for Punjabi music, the craze sent the musicians’ accounts abuzz with comments pushing the total number of comments to a record 5.3million.

#4. About to strike! Pictures by Asorloth aka Alexander Sorloth (3.5 million)

If you are a football fanatic, then this post by the Norwegian football star Alexander Sorloth will surprise you. The player is known for his football prowess propelling him to one of the most-liked Instagram accounts. One of his pictures posted on the social platform attracted 182k likes and slightly over 3.5 million comments.

#5. One Direction to be a family (Campfire 3.4 million Comments)

One direction does not only have one of the most liked posts but also tons of comments. One of the posts shared with Stewie Griffin from the family guy captured the attention of Instagram users by sharing an animated picture of four boys enjoying the campfire with him. As a result, the picture attracted 3million likes and 3.4 million comments respectively.

#6. The world record egg (Egg picture 3.4 million comments)

One of the most popular Instagram accounts that have attracted tons of comments is the world _record_ egg. One of the posts dubbed ‘’let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram’’ not only has the highest number of likes but has attracted over 3.4 million comments.

 #7.Kylie Jenner And Stormi (Post of innocence 1.9 million comments)

The mother-daughter duo has not only ruled the internet but also attracted millions of followers. One of Kylie’s Instagram videos attracted slightly over  1.9 million comments.

Appearing on the list of the most commented posts on Instagram isn’t a big deal since the duo already commands a strong Instagram following. With a total of 237 million Instagram followers, it is not a surprise to see a photo holding her kid Stormi attracting 1.9million comments.


These Instagram posts have not only sparked a buzz on Instagram but made a huge difference to the owners. With a higher number of comments on posts, you are likely to attract more followers which makes it easier to build a strong brand image.

Additionally, attracting tons of comments on an Instagram post increases the chances of becoming an influencer which comes with many benefits.

Now it’s your turn to work hard and attract massive comments for your Instagram posts. All you need is to understand the tricks used by other Instagram users to master the game. It is against this backdrop that we have shared Instagram posts with the highest number of comments to give you a clue on how others are doing it. Just be creative and share valuable content that may attract the interest of your followers.

Through growth and tons of comments, you are likely to be paid through sponsored posts for various brands, selling other brands to get commissions among several other benefits. Therefore you should not only aim at increasing your Instagram follower count but also focus on getting more likes and comments for your posts.


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