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10 reasons people love Roulette

One of the most loved games.

Next to poker, and slots, roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there, and we can’t help but wonder why.

Whether you play roulette online or just hit the casino floor, there is something special about watching that ball spin around the roulette wheel. Today, we will uncover ten reasons why this game is just so special.

#1 Simplicity.

Compared to many other games on the casino floor, roulette is so simple, and it does not take a genius to pick it up. There are 36 numbers to choose from, plenty of bets you can place, and you do not need any strategy. It’s so simple, and that’s part of its charm.

#2. Social game.

Roulette is usually the loudest place in the casino, crowds cheer each other on when the wheel is spun, and there is no limit to how many can make the span bet. It can be an ‘all-in-it-together’ kind of game, which gives it a real communal spirit.

#3. Uniqueness.

Slots are nearly as exhilarating, but little else can get the adrenaline pumping quite like roulette. Thanks to its dynamic nature, this game is one of the most eye-catching things in a casino. Sitting across from a dealer with a hand of cards is sure to get a bit dull eventually, but roulette’s spinning wheel keeps you hooked and excited.

It’s unique in the excitement it brings.

#4. Variety.

Many people love roulette for how many types there are, there are American, European, and French roulette. Sure, poker has many types, but they’re very different games. Depending on how you are feeling any of these variations might tickle your fancy, and while they are not extremely different, they do each have their special something.

#5. Quick to learn.

We know it’s simple, but it is also so easy to pick up. There is no strategy, it is all about change, all you need to know is what bets you can place, and you are ready to go. It is so simple and quick to learn, it is great for some real relaxed gambling.

#6. Chance.

Roulette actually has one of the best chances to win in the casino, especially for French roulette and its 1.35% house edge. It trumps other games in its house edge, and thus gives a better chance to win. If that isn’t a reason to love it, what is?

#7. Bets!

There are so many best types you can choose from, you are stuck for choice. You can play single, split, street, corner, six line, column, a dozen, odds/evens, reds/blacks, or high/low, each with different odds, and different payouts. You can place your bets to be risky, or safe. The amount of bet types you can place keeps things exciting.

#8. History.

People also love the history of roulette, it is mathematical, and unique with a rich history. It even has a concept that dates back to the Roman Empire. Isn’t that cool?

#9. Jackpot!

Let’s not forget the jackpots. While this is usually associated with slots and poker, roulette also offers the chance to get jackpots, especially online.

#10. Online Roulette.

With online casinos surging in popularity, online roulette has too. Sure, you miss out on the noise and social aspect when you play online, but you can also play roulette online for real money as well. Play roulette, interacting with a live dealer, and enjoy the game from the comfort and safety of your own couch. You can’t ask for more.

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