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13-Year-Old Son Drowns In River, Parents Urgent Alert – What To Do If You Get In Trouble With Water

Heartbroken parents have issued an emergency alert after their 13-year-old son drowned in a river.

Stella, 48, and Karl Hatersley, 49, tragically lost their young son Robert when they got into trouble on the River Tyne on July 17 last year. Northumberland.


Robert Hattersley died in a river tragedy last yearCredits: NCJ Media

Robert I was playing in the river with my friends when the strong current got me and my friends washed away.

The grieving family is now calling on the public to “stay safe” after the accident. tyne river tragedy.

Karl said chronicle live: “We want young people to understand what to do when things go wrong.

“We know they hear those voices from their parents. teacherbut [hearing it from] Those who have experienced this tragic loss may understand that we should listen. ”

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The sentimental father added, “Our love and passion for this cause certainly comes from tragedy, but we don’t want other parents to go through what we went through.

“It’s been a year since we lost Robert and we think of him every day.

β€œIt has never been easier and I don’t think it will ever be easier.”

Steve Thomas, Director of Prevention and Education, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“We are not doing this to scare them, but to provide them with the information they need to spot danger and to save themselves and others out of trouble should danger arise.” We’re doing it to give you the tools.”

The head of TWFRS has clarified exactly what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation like Robert’s.

He continued: “especially, weather That’s a good thing, but the risks often don’t outweigh it. advantage.

“If you do get into trouble, remember to lean back, spread your arms, and wait until the impact has dissipated. Call the Coast Guard if you’re in the area.”

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Director of Prevention, Paul Conway, urged the public to stay out of the water and call 999 immediately if they see someone in distress.

He added, “There can be strong currents and debris below the surface that are not visible from the shore and can easily overwhelm even the strongest swimmers.”

His advice is similar to what Steve Thomas said when he saw his friends in trouble.

“Try to lie on your back and float. Throw something to float. Keep yourself and your friends safe.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/23085143/parents-issue-urgent-warning-son-drowns/ 13-Year-Old Son Drowns In River, Parents Urgent Alert – What To Do If You Get In Trouble With Water

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