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15 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Business Website in 2022

Whether you are planning to develop a new website for your brand or business or just want to revamp the whole website in order for it to give a better look, one of the most common thoughts you can ever get is which CMS (Content Management System) should be used. And majorly, people give a thought to WordPress.

More than 80% of people believe in using WordPress. Whereas some people also choose Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and many more. But any expert website developer prefers WordPress. There are numerous reasons and benefits why the majority of people prefer to build websites on WordPress. Are there any benefits of WordPress? We’ll look at this in our blog.

 About WordPress

 WordPress was started as a blogging platform during the 1990s and has continuously grown to become a website development building platform. Likewise, nearly 70% of all the websites in the universe are built using WordPress. As per research, WordPress is one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) tools. Many WordPress website development services companies across the globe have succeeded in implementing the services well for brands.

If you are looking to confirm that WordPress is one of the best choices for building websites. It is customized, flexible, easy to update, and secure. You will appreciate WordPress after using it. There are lots of benefits. So, it is time to know more about the 15 benefits of using WordPress for your business website in 2022. Keep reading: 

  1. Security: It is obvious to say that one of the benefits of WordPress is security. It has a high level of security, and it also has a massive global community. Website developers can use WordPress freely as it has lots of customized templates and themes to make the beautiful and visually appealing website design. Likewise, updated versions of the WordPress website builder have increased and are more secure. The security protects the websites and webpages from malware attacks and cybercriminal attacks. If a business chooses to make use of WordPress, one can rely on it as it has excellent security plugins that protect websites from malicious activities and virus attacks.
  2.  free CMS:  The good news for all WordPress website development services companies and developers. WordPress is free CMS. It is free to download, install, modify to match a business’s needs. One can create any kind of webpage or website. All you need is a domain name and web hosting for installation.

WordPress has unlimited plugins and themes for your business. You can select any theme or plugin to design the website. A domain name is a website address on the internet platform. It is mandatory to purchase the same. Web hosting is a website or webpage house where all the files are stored. 

3. Customized Platform: WordPress is undeniably the best CMS (Content Management System) tool when we consider customizability. It gives the best look and feels to the website. Customizability is the primary reason behind the WordPress platform’s outstanding success. It allows you to develop and design the website exactly the way you want. It is one of the best benefits of WordPress.

 As compared to other CMS systems and platforms, WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms. Also, it is an open-source platform with lots of internal plugins and capabilities to sustain a website. One of the major benefits of WordPress is that it has a variety of themes and designs you can choose from.

It has built-in customizable options that give you complete control to amend the look and feel of the website. Additionally, it has a color palette, fonts, footer, header, layout, and much more. Whether you want to develop an eCommerce store or eCommerce website, online forums with an intent to spread content marketing, you can always choose WordPress. Many WordPress website development services companies have been successful in developing websites on this platform. 

4. SEO-Friendliness: In 2022 and also coming years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be one of the major points to determine the success of any website or webpage. Interestingly, Google likes WordPress, and it will help a website to rank well on search engine platforms. WordPress websites rank higher than usual CMS platforms as it is easy to crawl, categorize the website and compute the algorithms.

This is one of the most interesting benefits of WordPress. Additionally, it also supports SEO-focused plugins such as Yoast as it makes it easy to carry out on-page optimization. This all can be done by adding correct keywords in all the right places. SEO Friendliness is one of the major benefits of WordPress.

 5.Multimedia Compatibility: If you are running a YouTube channel hosting a podcast, you want your page or website to display the videos and content in the right way. A podcast with written transcripts can help a content maker to effectively carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Also, the YouTube library will be easier to access.

Also, WordPress is present to help you set the website and webpages precisely and handles each one of them with perfection. It is one of the most interesting benefits of WordPress.  

 6. Flexible Functionality: Major reason why people make use of WordPress is the functionality can be extended. With WordPress, you can make extremely advanced websites where you can experiment with all the cool and latest things. In simple words, WordPress website development services companies can make and add things exactly what they want them to. Likewise, a business can do this by installing WordPress plugins.

You can always download the famous plugins such as Discount Wheel Popups, eCommerce plugins, Membership plugins, stripe payment plugins, lead generation plugins, podcast plugins, and many more. These plugins allow you to do anything a developer wants to do.

 7. Endless design options: Design is one of the major factors when we consider website designing and development of the same. WordPress website development services companies consider WordPress as the best option for small and medium-sized businesses.

This is because there are endless design options available. Endless creative themes help a business to create the best website for a longer period. It is indeed the best CMS platform as you put your brand and personality into the design and development processes and make it worth looking at. A developer can find all kinds of creative fun and different themes all over the internet. 

8. No Coding Needed: One of the most hassle-free things that attract developers the most is coding-free. It’s a Yayy feeling. Anybody can use WordPress. It does not require a degree or expertise knowledge of development and designing. Some businesses pay huge amounts on building websites and feel dissatisfied. Likewise, they feel lost when they need to change or revamp something. 

On the contrary, WordPress is very easy and simple to use. A developer can build and manage a website without knowledge about coding science. WordPress is all about drag and drop, which takes limited time to build. 

9. You Have Control of Your Website: When you make use of traditional website coding programs or CMS platforms, websites built are complicated, and maybe it lacks the control to handle it well. On the contrary, WordPress-developed websites are simple and can be controlled in real-time. It is one of the major benefits of WordPress that helps a developer to easily manage the operations. Moreover, you can manage the website well and make simple updates. You can make any changes or make any kind of additions to the website whenever you need. 

10. Google Analytics: One of the fascinating benefits of WordPress is that it can be used to download and operate Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you effective tools that help you to understand your customers and website visitors. For WordPress users, it is easy to use Monster Insights to give analytical reports and convert them into easy-to-understand reports in real-time and on the WordPress dashboard itself. 

You can track the following things such as: 

  • Total number of visitors that visited your webpage or website
  • Tracking forms
  • Track eCommerce
  • See the exact location of the total visitors
  • Also, check what exact common search terms are used and lots more 

This plugin indeed has a greater ability to bring inaccurate data is one of the major benefits of WordPress. 

11. Mobile-Friendliness: In 2022, every single website will be available on mobile. Likewise, they’ll be mobile-friendly for all the users. Only desktop-friendly websites will be costly to your business, and the majority of the global buyers use mobile phones while placing orders for anything they want to buy. WordPress is one of the strongest CMS tools that helps a business to get a mobile-friendly website. Additionally, it makes the website more and more responsive. Also, WordPress offers plenty of responsive themes and creative templates to design websites, and it will always help a business to stay ahead of the business game. This is one of the fascinating benefits of WordPress. 

12. Website Grows as the Business Grows: WordPress websites are easy to scale, and your website can grow as your business grows gradually. You can have any number of web pages on the website, but the performance for the same will never be compromised with WordPress.

Businesses nowadays try to diversify their product lines and perform acquisition activities, and hence, they need to expand or revamp their website and its content too. Thanks to WordPress, it allows you to do it easily. This is one of the benefits of WordPress. The website grows continuously, and WordPress is a flexible platform; hence, it can be done without much hassle and effort. 

13.  Have Multiple Users at a Time: One of the most interesting benefits of WordPress is as an admin of a WordPress website, one can simply set multiple website users and also assign access levels along with capabilities for every single user. One of the major benefits of WordPress is that many people can work on the same website or webpage blog. 

14. Built-in Blogging Platform: WordPress was originally formed as a blogging platform. Hence, which WordPress has originally built-in blogging capabilities which are extremely easy to integrate. It helps to effectively develop a blogging platform with comments sections. It creates a dynamic and interactive website. One of the benefits of WordPress is that you can also make a sole blogging website or webpage and write different niche blogs. Many bloggers make blog spot on WordPress, and they are effectively able to make good viewers and also make a good amount of money through ads on their website.

15. WordPress is Here to Stay Forever: Website development platforms and CMS (Content Management Systems) come and go, but WordPress will be here forever, and it will grow enormously. There is indeed a community of millions of people who make use of WordPress in India and the world. All of them love to be on WordPress, and it will stay here for a longer period.

WordPress vs. Competition: 

WordPress tops the list of most used CMS (Content Management System). It is better than Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. All are free to use and download. Every CMS tool has numerous customized functionalities to fulfill the need of a user.

But when we take into consideration Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, they require coding and programming. In short, these CMS platforms are difficult to operate and manage. On the other hand, WordPress is simple and requires no coding, unlike Magento, Drupal and Joomla, and other CMS tools. Features of WordPress are extremely easy and simple. WordPress website development services companies are finding it easy to make websites and earn good money through various projects across the world.

Final Words:

 These were some of the benefits of WordPress that WordPress website development services are enjoying and also making effective use of for business purposes. There are plenty of plugins one can install and use anytime, and they are worth the use. Give it a try, and you will see amazing results.

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