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3 Legal steps to take After Suffering a Personal Injury

We can get hurt anywhere, anytime. Certain dangerous professions and environments undoubtedly increase the chances of injury, but we are not completely safe even when we go to the shopping mall or drive a car.

When an injury occurs, even if it is not particularly painful and dangerous, it will represent a great stress for every person. And if the injury is significant, then of course the situation is getting more and more serious. Bojat Law Group has encountered many such cases over the years and they know what legal steps you should take. You should remember the following just in case.

1.    Seek medical help

It is of utmost importance to seek medical attention right away. If it is a serious injury, then that will definitely be the case. But with minor injuries, people often don’t go to the doctor right away, and that’s a major mistake.

First, of course, you have to think about your health. Even if it seems minor at first, you never know if there is internal bleeding or a concussion. Symptoms do not have to appear immediately, and when they appear, it is possible that permanent damage will occur.

Second, the doctor will record everything that happened to you. Thus, you will have an official document that you will be able to use to obtain insurance compensation or as evidence in case of litigation.

In some states, the law requires you to seek medical attention, and if you fail to do so, you lose the possibility to claim compensation.

2.    Find an attorney

When we talked to the lawyers from Bojat Law Group, they told us that the lawyer is what makes the difference and that the choice of lawyer will have a big impact on the amount you will receive and the overall outcome of the case.

We know that it is difficult to think straight in stressful situations and that calling a lawyer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But as soon as you calm down, try to find a respectable lawyer. It is not just about filling out a claim. A lawyer will give you many useful tips. For example, he or she will tell you to go to the police and ask for a police report if they didn’t give you one right away. Attorney will also give you a lot of advice such as that you should avoid posting anything on social networks and so on.

3.    Gather evidence

Medical and police reports are certainly the most important evidence.But you should try to collect some more evidence.Mr. Sasha Bojat from Bojat Law Group advises all his clients to check if there were any eyewitnesses and if there are cameras nearby.If you manage to find at least one of those two, the case will be a slam dunk.


We hope you are well and have avoided major injuries.Now is the time to take the next steps and get the compensation you deserve.Don’t forget that you should start by finding a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but one who specializes in personal injury. Such professional will know when to accept offer and when to take the whole case to court.

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