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5 Designer Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

Your bathroom is the one room of the home that is used by everyone many times a day. It stands to reason that a well-used room must take a lot of wear and tear, and all too soon a serviceable bathroom can start to look a little tired or even boring. Here are five designer bathroom ideas to inspire your next bathroom revamp, no matter what your budget.

Go Green

Add plants to your bathroom. There is something very calming and yet hedonistic in showering or bathing while surrounded by greenery. If you do not have the time to look after plants, or have family members with allergies, fake plants work almost as well in creating the impression of a deserted island paradise for your ablutions. Plants are also excellent if you need to hide a cracked tile or patch of peeled paint until you have the time and money to sort them out!

Refresh the Fittings

If you cannot afford a full bathroom refresh, why not just renew the most obvious parts: your cupboard handles, cabinet trims and towel rails are all noticeable and just changing these can be enough to transform the whole look of your bathroom. Add a sumptuous new set of towels too, and your bathroom will go from drab to fab in a flash!

Signature Piece

Invest in one luxurious note for a small bathroom to instantly add valuable and mystique to the room. This can be an ornate bathroom mirror, a stand-alone tub, or a hardwood door for your storage cabinets – just something that lifts the whole ambiance of the bathroom from the mundane to the impressive.

Water Feature

Double the impact of a signature piece by opting for a fabulous water feature – a rainforest shower looks sleek and stylish and it gives you a superior shower experience that will make you reluctant to get out of the shower until the water runs cold! Local experts in the area can always help when it comes to getting the right advice. For example there are many bathroom showrooms in London & Yorkshire who will work with your budget. For reference you can talk to experts now at Harrogate Bathrooms for designer bathrooms in Wetherby.

Go Big

If you have the budget for it, why not completely strip out your existing bathroom and fit everything new, clean and shiny? If you re-use the same plumbing points, getting an entirely new bathroom fitted is not as expensive as you might think, and it will look and feel fabulous, giving you a delightful haven in which to get ready to face the world!

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