5 Reasons Why Printed Booklets Are Still Useful in Marketing

The goal of every business is to maximise sales through effective marketing. But what is the best way to market products and services in today’s business environment? A decade ago, printed materials such as booklets, leaflets and business cards were the primary form of marketing for most businesses. Today, there are various ways companies can sell their wares, including digital ads, social media, content marketing and print marketing.

Some have asserted that print marketing is dead and that digital marketing firmly rules the roost. However, this is not the case. Businesses that ignore the power of print marketing, especially booklet printing, are choosing to overlook an incredibly effective marketing method that has stood the test of time.

What Are Booklets?

Booklets are available in a selection of sizes and shapes. A booklet is usually a small book with a relatively low page count, typically between eight to 36 pages. Additionally, booklets are sometimes called brochures, catalogues or handouts. They almost always have a paper cover and will likely be staple bound, which involves inserting several staples in the fold of the paper.

Because booklets are a great way to present detailed content to prospective customers, businesses create them for various uses. Common booklet types include product catalogues, staff handbooks, activity books for children, training manuals, catalogues, reports, event programs and many more.

Why Booklets Should Have a Place in Your Marketing Strategy

Engages Target Audience

Booklet printing is particularly effective if a business plans to target a niche market. For example, if a company plans to attend an event such as a trade show, employees should consider getting booklets printed to hand out to attendees. This will ensure that the target audience is engaged with the business and gives them access to all the information they need to decide whether they want to purchase a product or service.


Digital ads are a costly marketing method. For example, digital display ads are getting more expensive annually. Printed marketing materials such as booklets, on the other hand, are a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. While social media ads compete in cost, printed booklets cost a fixed price for a specific number of copies. Additionally, companies can benefit from a bulk order discount by ordering thousands of copies in one order. As a result, companies can get more exposure for their money and budget more accurately in the process.

Brand Awareness

Well-designed, expertly printed booklets increase brand awareness by demonstrating brand values in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-digest format. A printed booklet with clear, eye-catching branding and compelling brand messaging will create an emotional connection with readers, increasing their likelihood of purchasing from the business.

Easy To Digest

There is something incredibly satisfying about reading a physical booklet compared to a digital advert. Studies prove that people respond better to paper advertisements than digital ones. For example, a study by a neuromarketing firm found that direct mail required 21 per cent less effort to process than digital media. As a result, those reading brochures are more likely to digest and, most importantly, remember the contents of a printed booklet than they would a digital advert. Additionally, study participants were more likely to remember brand names when exposed to printed adverts.


Businesses looking to increase their exposure in a way that is not time-bound should consider using booklet printing services. For example, if the aim is to increase brand awareness by displaying products, testimonials or project case studies, purchasing thousands of printed booklets online enables businesses to buy them in bulk at a good price and distribute them over an extended period. For example, booklets are distributed in many places, including offices, common areas and homes. Over time, many people read them and may decide to purchase the products or services in question.

How to Print Your Booklet

Thanks to online booklet printing services, creating printed marketing materials is straightforward. Without having to pick up the phone, businesses can order high-quality booklets with a wide selection of customisation options.

Printed booklets come in several sizes, including A4 through to A7 or various square sizes. However, many booklet printing services will allow customers to print booklets in custom sizes. Several booklet binding options are available, including stapled and wiro binding. Booklets are printed in either a landscape or portrait orientation, and customers choose their preferred paper weight, typically between 90 and 200 GSM depending on the paper type. In addition, customers choose from a selection of paper types, including silk, uncoated, gloss, recycled or natural paper. Silk is one of the most popular paper options for booklets due to its outstanding finish. The sheen of the paper provides the perfect balance between readable text and vivid, colourful images. However, gloss paper works best for booklets heavily reliant on imagery.


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