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5 Safe and Effective DIY Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Got kids or pets around the house? Understandably, you wouldn’t want to use harsh, toxic chemicals when cleaning your home. Most commercial cleaning products are made with corrosive ingredients that, in theory, do a great job of eating away at dirt and mold. However, the same corrosive ingredients can be harmful to your children and pets who may ingest them.

Instead of using harsh chemical cleaners, use safe, homemade ones that are just as effective as commercial ones, but much less expensive. Plus, most of these recipes are great for teaching kids how to clean up after themselves as they can use these cleaning solutions without any problems!

For convenient home maintenance, opt for cleaning services. Most professional cleaners have no qualms about using homemade cleaning solutions as long as they are mixed well. They may even have some natural recipes that you never thought of! For all your cleaning needs, check out Luce Home at https://www.lucehome.sg/.

1.  Vinegar and Baking Soda Spray

Vinegar and baking soda have been long-time staples in pantries, maintenance closets, and science fairs everywhere. The mixture is often known for its chemical reaction, which fizzes and produces CO2 when bubbling. Both ingredients make fantastic cleaning products that can be used alone or with each other.

For an all-purpose cleaner that gets rid of oils, stains, mold, dirt, grime, dust, mites, fungus, soap scum, and hard water stains, mix a cup of white vinegar with ½ a cup of baking soda. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray away at any filthy spots around the house!

2.  Flour Oil Absorber

Do you often use degreasers when cleaning up grease or oil spills in the kitchen or garage? Those oil cleaning solutions are full of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin, respiratory system, and intestines when ingested.

Instead, reach for that bag of all-purpose flour in your kitchen! Flour is absorbent, and one liquid it tends to absorb well is oil. Simply sprinkle flour all over the oil spill, your pans after frying, or greasy areas in your oven. Leave the flour to soak up the oil, then wipe, sweep, or vacuum away the excess. The oil should have completely binded with the flour!


3.  Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe bleach. Bleach can cause burns and irritate the lining of your throat and lungs, but hydrogen peroxide is odorless, and safe enough to use as a mouthwash when used in diluted amounts. Plus, hydrogen peroxide is the perfect cleaning solution for getting blood out of your clothes or undergarments during your cycle!

There are plenty of uses for hydrogen peroxide. Mix it together with baking soda, and you’ve got a cleaning paste that kills mold in grout, gets rid of stains on fabrics, deodorizes, disinfects, and removes toilet rings.

4.  Castile Soap Floor Cleaner

For homes with marble floors or countertops, the vinegar-baking soda mixture might damage your natural stone as acids tend to eat away at the stone material as well. Instead of vinegar, go for a castile soap cleaner.

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of liquid castile soap into a gallon of warm water. Use the solution on your floors, countertops, and walls to clean them. For a stronger solution, add more castile soap to the same amount of water. The solution should be slightly soapy without being too concentrated as it may leave streaks. Wipe the solution away after applying it, and rinsing is optional.

5.  Enzyme Cleaner

If you have kids and pets around the home, you’re most likely used to cleaning away nighttime accidents and pet accidents. Especially for pet stains, you can’t fully remove the smell and the stains from body fluids without an enzyme cleaning solution. Enzyme cleaners break down the molecules in organic matter, so it’s great for mattresses, fabrics, and furniture.

To make an effective enzyme cleaner at home, simply add together a teaspoon of yeast, ½ a cup of brown sugar, and 2 cups of orange or lemon peels into a liter of warm, but not hot, water. Mix well to combine, and place in an airtight container. Ferment the cleaner for 2-3 weeks, opening the container three times a day to ventilate the solution.

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