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5 Ways to Get Offices Ready for the Return of Employees

The office is a place of business and it can be used for many things. It’s not just a building that has office spaces, but also conference rooms, server rooms, kitchens, break rooms and more. This means that there are plenty of surfaces to clean after the office has been vacant for an extended period of time.

In this post we will discuss 5 ways to get your office ready for employees’ return by providing some office cleaning tips.

1. Use a professional office cleaning service

One of the best ways to get your office clean for the return of employees is to use a professional office cleaning service. Office cleaning services have the experience and expertise to clean offices quickly and thoroughly. They can also work around your schedule so that the office is ready for employees when they return.

A professional office cleaning service can provide you with a detailed office clean-up plan, and they will offer their commercial cleaning services at an affordable price.

2. Cleaning your server room

Another important area to clean before the return of employees is your server room. Dust and dirt can cause servers to overheat, so it is important to have the room clean and free of debris before restarting them.

A professional server room cleaning service can clean every inch of your server room, including the racks, cables, and floor. They will also disinfect all surfaces to help prevent the spread of bacteria, this is essential due to reducing the spread of COVID.

3. Top-up office cleaning supplies

You should always have the appropriate office cleaning supplies on hand for when your employees return. Essential cleaning supplies such as soap, hand sanitisers, cleaning spray, paper towels, trash bags, office dusters and disinfectant wipes should be stocked in the office pantry or office cleaning supplies closet.

Having the above should allow your staff to help keep your office clean and tidy during the workday.

4. Turn on and run office equipment

There are many different types of office equipment that need regular maintenance in order to function correctly and efficiently. When this equipment is not taken care of it becomes dirty and dusty which causes malfunctions and decreases productivity levels.

For example, printers tend to collect dust over time and if this dust is not cleaned off, the ink will start to clog and it will become harder for the printer to function.

Running office equipment also produces heat which can cause problems if covered in dust from not being used in a long time. For example, servers need proper airflow around them in order to keep them from overheating. If they do overheat, it can result in data loss or corruption.

When returning back from a break there are some tasks that need to be done before employees can start working again, getting your employees to give the office a once over can help keep costs down.

5. Setting up a regular cleaning regime

The office is now ready for employees to come back. The office will need regular cleaning so that it stays clean and healthy over the long term. It’s also important to have office equipment serviced regularly or hire commercial cleaners if they are needed more than once a week. Using professional computer services is recommended every six months, yearly at most.

Offices should aim to keep their business running smoothly with little disruption by planning ahead of time how things like downtime will be handled after an extended break from work such as summer holidays or winter breaks where offices may go without being used for weeks on end. Having everything set out in advance makes sure no one misses any days when returning.


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