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6 Accessories To Enjoy Your Gaming Experience

If you’re a big fan of computer games or gaming in general, you will probably be aware of the numerous gadgets a gamer has. The gaming accessories market is a huge one, with a value of $7.75 billion USD in 2020, it’s expected to reach a whopping $15.40 billion by 2026.

If you’re new to the world of computer gaming, you need to know the essential gadgets that you’ll have to use in order to win every match in every game! Here are six gaming accessories that will enhance your gaming experience.

  1. Gaming headset

Having headphones to listen to music is good, but a gaming headset is an entirely different experience. A good gaming headset is especially necessary if you’re playing a multiplayer game and you have to communicate with your teammates frequently.

HyperX’s Cloud Revolver is a good option. It is an over-ear headset with ultra-plush earcups to ensure a comfortable gaming experience. It even has true stereo sound so that you can hear your enemies rushing towards you from all possible sides!

Buy this lovely headset for only $269 AUD at JW Computers.

  1. Ergonomic chair

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours while streaming your games can cause severe back pains. Your gaming experience will be completely ruined if your posture is improper.

So buy a good ergonomic chair for supporting your back. Andaseat’s Jungle is a perfect choice if you want to straighten your back while playing. It has a high-back design to provide support to your entire body, with height-adjustable armrests, headrest, and lumbar pillow.

While many office chairs are also comfortable, a chair designed especially for gaming is a much better option. What’s more, this chair has rolling wheels so that you can keep moving at a comfortable pace while playing.

  1. Stereo speakers

If you want to experience gaming sounds on a different level altogether, you can go for stereo speakers. Edifier’s R1280DB series is one of the best in the market for bookshelf speakers.

The two speakers are 17 inches each in height and contain a two-driver system, one driver for a 4-inch bass and another one 0.75-inch tweeter. You can even fine-tune the sounds to match your comfort level.

They can be connected to your laptop or computer using Bluetooth or a simple cable. This set is available on the JW Computers website too.

  1. Gaming monitor

Having a good monitor is fine, but do you have a high-resolution monitor meant for gaming? Videogames are all about graphics and colours, so a monitor that performs poorly is a big no. BenQ’s 28-inch 4K monitor is a popular choice. It costs around $449 AUD on JW Computers and comes with two HDMI ports as well as a DisplayPort.

So it gives you the luxury of plugging in your gaming PC and the consoles at the same time. It has special features like HDR to give you optimum graphics and reduce glitches or other technical problems as much as possible.

  1. Backlit keyboard

How cool is a keyboard that lights up every time you play using it? Razor’s Ornata wired keyboard is the one you must buy to make your gaming experience a solid ten. It has a cushioned wrist-rest and mecha-membrane to make tapping and typing gentler.

You can fix one specific light colour for every key, or put a rainbow theme using the Razor PC app. Ornata supports millions of colours, and you can even set it to a programmable colour as you play!

  1. Gaming controller

Most PC gamers love the keyboard-and-mouse systems, but if you prefer a gaming controller, there are many to choose from. Microsoft’s Xbox Core Controller is widely used by console-lovers. It has two analogue sticks and four buttons, four triggers, and a pad.

You can pair it up with your PC using Bluetooth. It even lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged! At just $60, this is a huge gem. There are many other controllers out there, but Microsoft’s Xbox Core steals the show.

Over to you…

These six gaming accessories will greatly help you if you want your gaming experience to be perfect every time. Check out these essentials online or go to a store and compare the prices and quality on your own. If you have all this equipment, nobody will be able to beat your video game score, and you’ll be a pro in no time at all!


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