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6 Areas Pay Up To £70 Free Supermarket Vouchers At Christmas Including London And Portsmouth – How To Get It

Thousands of households can get up to £70 worth of free supermarket coupons to spend at Christmas.

This assistance helps struggling families pay for food and essentials. holiday period.


Thousands of struggling families can get help for ChristmasCredit: Getty

Vouchers are being distributed as part of government support. household support fund (HSF).

The City Council was provided with some of the newly provided funds. The funds will be provided to help households struggling with rising bills and food prices.

Vouchers can be redeemed at most major supermarkets, but if you are unsure where to use them, please contact your local authority.

Depending on the situation, households can receive vouchers worth up to £70 – as in Portsmouth.

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This means that you have different rights depending on where you live.

But most of the time, money or vouchers are given to low-income households. advantage.

We’ve rounded up some of the councils offering vouchers for Christmas.

Haringey, London

in Haringay, Londonthe council will offer £70 supermarket vouchers to families with children taking advantage of free school meals, Christmas period.

Local schools offer vouchers to eligible families, so be sure to check with your school if you haven’t received one yet.


Middlesbrough City Council has issued 9,000 vouchers For parents with eligible children free school lunch.

You can redeem it at the supermarket this Christmas or put it toward your energy costs.

The council is currently accepting applications from families with children under the age of five, and another child in the household is eligible for free school meals regardless of income.

Vouchers can be applied for through the council website.

County residents can also get a voucher if their child attends school outside of Middlesbrough but lives within the county.

Children must qualify for free school meals.

If your income is low and your city tax is reduced or exempted, you can still receive a voucher.

If your application is approved, you will receive a voucher worth £60 per child.

The type of voucher you receive depends on the situation. Check his website for Congress to see what you can get.

Supermarket vouchers can be redeemed at Asda, Aldi, B&M, Farmfoods, Iceland, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.


Portsmouth Council has issued thousands of vouchers to parents whose children are eligible Free lunch for welfare program Over the past week.

This can be redeemed at supermarkets Christmas And all families should have received their vouchers by the end of the semester.

A £70 voucher will be sent to all households with school children aged between reception and 11 years old.

Families who are eligible for childcare subsidies for 2-year-olds or infants who attended childcare facilities on October 7 and who have children in childcare are also eligible.

Households receive £70 for each eligible child.

Students aged 16-19 who attend City of Portsmouth College in low-income families receive a £70 payment directly from the university.

Portsmouth City Council has yet to confirm which supermarkets will accept the vouchers – we will update this story as soon as we hear back.


Essex County Council revealed that about 50,000 schoolchildren will have access to free meal vouchers over the Christmas period.

Vouchers will be sent to parents of eligible children through school or early childhood settings before the vacation begins.

Each voucher is worth £15 per child per week and can be used to purchase food at most supermarkets.

To be eligible for the free voucher, your household must include one of the following children:

  • Ages 4 to 19 enrolled in free meals at school or college.
  • Children aged 2, 3 and 4 are entitled to a student premium or free subsidy.

Vouchers will be automatically sent to eligible households and no parent application is required.


cash-short households peterborough City Council can receive £35 in the weekly shop.

Households can receive one voucher for each child they claim free school lunch2-year-olds accessing funded child care, students ages 16-19 eligible for scholarships, or 3- and 4-year-olds receiving Early School Premium benefits.

All eligible children Vouchers will be available to claim by January 2, 2023.

Vouchers will be issued by text or email by midnight on Saturday, December 17th.

Peterborough City Council said the vouchers do not have to be used for a single purchase and must be redeemed by 27 January 2023.

We recommend contacting Peterborough City Council to find out more about this scheme and if you are eligible.

Have your financial information at hand, such as payslips and payslips. payment of benefits you get


Shropshire County Council also continues to provide for children Received free school meals in relation to benefits for £15 in supermarket vouchers every week on holidays over Christmas.

Households do not need to apply for these vouchers as the council will automatically send them to you.

A further 5,250 eligible HSF residents in Shropshire will receive a lump sum payment of £180 before Christmas.

See story for payment details Here.

What other help can I get to cover food costs for Christmas this year?

of healthy start system offers prepaid food cards to women or men who are 10 weeks pregnant or older, or have children under the age of 4.

Most local governments operate their own welfare assistance schemes for low-income households and households coping with crisis.

subsidies are sometimes valuable up to £1,000.

Free school meals are provided during the term and are also available to some families during the term. Obon.

Semesters vary by country, but most schools in England will be closed for Christmas holidays on 19th December before returning on 3rd January 2023.

Parents whose children qualify for free school meals can claim up to £40 per child, depending on where you live.

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The support provided to each family depends on the situation. local government.

rounded up 5 ways to get free cash food for Christmas this year.

Have a money problem that needs sorting out? Get in touch by email money-sm@news.co.uk

https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/20848692/areas-free-supermarket-vouchers-christmas-london-portsmouth/ 6 Areas Pay Up To £70 Free Supermarket Vouchers At Christmas Including London And Portsmouth – How To Get It

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