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6 Bulbous Flowers to Brighten up Your Home

Bulbous plants occupy a special niche among other domestic flowers: someone loves them for their unpretentiousness, someone likes the appearance of leaves and flowers. One way or another, almost all flower gardeners grow bulbs.

1.  Amaryllis

By name, it is easy to guess what genus this perennial belongs to. Amaryllis is practically a twin of Hippeastrum, but they are two different species of the same bloodline. However, amaryllis bulbs bloom richer — they give 10-12 flowers at a time, which emit the finest aroma. But its foliage is poorer and smaller, and leaves appear during or after the release of the flower.

6 Bulbous Flowers to Brighten up Your Home

Since bulbous houseplants are a kind of “hamsters” that accumulate useful substances for the next season, amaryllis must be fertilized abundantly in spring and summer. Then we can confidently expect rapid flowering in August-September.

2.  Albuca

One of the most unusual flowers on our list. First, albuca is succulent. Secondly, it has unusual curly leaves. Thirdly, the name translates as “to shoot white”, which fully characterizes the plant during the blooming period. Like any succulents, albuca should not be dabbled, and watering is extremely rare. Grow it in soil with excellent drainage, placing the planted flower in a warm place.

3.  Lachenalia

The aloe-like variety is most often grown: it got its name for dense, curved leaves, similar to aloe, with dark specks. The peduncle is tall with many separate narrow tubular buds, painted in a tropical palette — yellow, orange, and scarlet. One of the advantages of the plant is that it is practically not attacked by pests; it can only get sick because of the rotting bulb. Therefore, adjust the watering and place the flower in the sun to provide it with comfortable conditions.

4.  Haemanthus

These bulbous indoor flowers are extremely unusual: their leaves have a soft edge, and the flowers look like fluffy balls of pistils and stamens. Plants are considered poisonous, but dangerous substances are contained only in the bulb — tops are safer.

This flower has an undeniable advantage over many bulbs: it retains its decorative appearance all year round without retiring. Usually, the plant is unpretentious: it grows on any windows, does not suffer from low humidity, and rarely requires transplantation (every 4-5 years).

6 Bulbous Flowers to Brighten up Your Home.jpg

5.  Zephyranthes

Belongs to the Amaryllis bloodline (like daffodils or snowdrops). The leaves are narrow, long, and resemble sprouting onions from a distance. It blooms most often in spring, but sometimes inflorescences open in winter or summer — it depends on the variety and conditions. The flowers are usually white with a yellow centre (similar to crocus), in some species — pink or red. To enjoy small decorative conditions, place the plant pot in a sunny spot and give it moderate (but regular!) watering.

6.  Bowiea

This succulent looks quite unusual. The stems that grow from a large bulb are quite long — they can reach a meter. And they will hang freely if you put the plant on a cabinet or high shelf. And if you place support in a pot, for example, in the form of a ladder or an arc, the stems of the plant will braid it.

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