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6 Of The Best Places To Split Up with Someone In London

If you’ve decided Splitting Up is the only way forward with your relationship, as well as thinking about what you will say, and how you will say it, you may also be wondering where is the best location. If London is your locale, here are the six top spots where you can call it quits.

  1. Hyde Park

Walking side by side in a park is often a good way to air our thoughts. Walking and talking is less confrontational, and taking in the scenery as you stroll will repress some of those awkward silences and stifled responses. Where better than London’s Park capital? With around 350 acres of space, there’s plenty of choice on exact location too. From a quiet conversation in the Rose Garden, to an intimate chat at the Serpentine Café for a coffee, or a pedal boat ride to lighten the mood.

  1. London Zoo

Considered the world’s oldest scientific zoo, London Zoo is the perfect spot to say ‘I don’t’. Looking at the butterflies, going into the Gorilla Kingdom or exploring the Reptile House, there’s plenty to do to bring you back down to nature and the basics. Keeping things real with natural surroundings may just be the help you need to approach the topic of your impending break-up…

  1. On The Tube

This may not be for everyone but if you’re severing ties with someone who you imagine will want a blow-by-blow account behind the motivations for your split, it could work well. If you envisage a difficult discourse with your former suitor, then the 272 tube stations will be on your side, allowing you to plan a trip with plenty of opportunity for a sharp exit at one of the stops. If you’re the one who wants the opportunity to gain closure on your relationship, express your thoughts, the 27.8 km ride from East Finchley to Morden will be in your favour.

  1. The South Bank

For those who are looking for a symbolic break up location, the South Bank by the River Thames is as emblematic as they come. With a large expanse of water to look down upon as you say your farewells, your legacy will forever live on as you leave your ex gazing dramatically at the vivid London skyline.

  1. The Narrow Boat

Keeping it real with a trip to the pub is often the most comfortable and relaxed way to bid farewell. Tucked away next to Regent’s Canal, the Narrow Boat in Islington offers not just the pub atmosphere but a level of intimacy on its terrace spots. If your break-up is a source of celebration you can enjoy one of their cocktails afterwards, or, if your split has come as a setback you can give yourself some time to contemplate on one of the balconies overlooking the views.

  1. The London Eye

The London eye experience lasts around 40 minutes, so if that fits in with the time you’ve allotted for your splitting up speech, this is the ideal venue. If you want a captive audience for what you want to say, this is the place to say it. If you want to pay greater testimony to your relationship, you can always extend the trip beforehand with a visit to the London Eye Pier.

 And finally…

Each relationship is different but usually, opting for a secluded and private location is often best for a respectful break-up. If you anticipate your soon-to-be ex could be upset by the news, it’s only right that they can vent their emotions somewhere private.



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