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6 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List

An email list is one of the most important tools for a website to grow and retain its audience and viewership. It is the most classic and preferred method for ages, since the concept of using websites as an extension of brand identity came into being.

The real-world statistics associated with email marketing campaigns and their efficacy are proof of the importance and relevance of email marketing to this day.

What Is An Email List?

It’s like hitting the subscribe button on your favorite YouTube channel to get notified of new content. But while YouTube is a platform in itself with its own app, independent websites may not have the resources to create such a system.

Enter the email list. For the website’s audience, it gives them the option to subscribe and get notified of newly posted content through email. The ‘list’ part is just what the website owner sees. A list of people “subscribed” to their website.

This is more of a necessity these days as it’s not every day that people type in a website’s link in their browser to access it. The introduction of apps has made that a hassle compared to clicking on a link in an app or in a mail. Having an email list is thus, something highly recommended by industry experts.

So let’s look at 6 different ways to grow your email list for your website.

A Landing Page

This is an important aspect of the quintessential modern-day website. You’ll have definitely seen it in news websites as well as prominent blogs specializing in niche categories.

In short, a landing page is a standalone page that the viewer “lands” on when they access your site. You can add an input box for entering an email id and a subscribe button to subscribe through the same.

For that, you’d require a landing page builder. Make sure to build a landing page complimentary to the design & theme of your website.

Creating Memorable Email Content

Your email list comprises people who truly enjoy and want to keep in touch with the content you produce. As a result, you have to ramp up the “production quality” of your email content.

The last thing a loyal audience wants is a spammy link from you, the first thing when they open their inbox. Take your time and put effort into creating engaging and quality content, not just for your website, but also for your emails.

Make them personalized and memorable. A dose of appropriate humor is most welcome as well. The whole point is to become so charming and unforgettable that your audience can’t help, but stay and watch in admiration.

Be Interactive

How does a conversation feel if just one person is doing all the talking? True connection is forged when there is an exchange.

Create surveys and polls for your audience to interact with. These not only improve the relationship you have with your audience but also help you know exactly what your audience wants out of your brand.

Subscriber Exclusive Content/Giveaways

Loyalty deserves rewards. You may have seen some websites give free ebooks, videos, exclusive articles, etc under the condition that the viewer subscribes using their email.

You can also host giveaways and contests just for your email subscribers. While this helps to keep your email subscribers engaged, it also helps to attract new subscribers if you advertise it on your website. And many do just that.


If you have an online shop, showcasing discounts and deals on your products on email subscription landing pages is a great way to provide an incentive for your audience to subscribe.

Social Media

Of course, the most popular medium for promoting brand awareness these days is social media.

The keyword here is “CTA” (Call-To-Action). On Instagram, you can utilize stories as well as the link in the bio to showcase CTAs that link to your website landing pages. Same with Twitter, but in addition, you can tweet them. On Facebook pages, you can show subscribe buttons directly.

Other ways include being active and interacting with your audience on social media, answering questions, and engaging in discussions. Being active in groups on Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn also boost your online presence.

The beauty of social media is that there are so many choices for platforms as well as methods of promoting your website and attracting an email following, that it’s wise for anyone wanting a digital presence to invest time and efforts into social media.


Having a website is one of the greatest ways to be a content creator or a business and be independent of rules and regulations associated with other platforms. Growing and maintaining your email list is one of the greatest ways to preserve your digital presence. Hopefully, these 6 ways to do just that were helpful and serve your website well in maintaining its digital prominence.


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