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6 Tips for Finding an Alcohol Rehab Program Right for You

Excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances can cause addiction, a severe condition that can mess up your life if you do not treat it early. The good news is that addiction is treatable, and you have a chance to regain your sobriety. Various treatment centers offer a wide range of treatment programs to alcohol addiction patients.

When seeking treatment for yourself or your loved one, it is essential to consider your needs first; make recovery your priority. According to your rehab needs, you can choose to go to either an outpatient or residential rehab center. However, recovery starts with the patient admitting to the problem and seeking help. For that reason, these tips will help you identify the best alcohol rehab center for you or your loved one who is battling alcohol addiction.

Get an Evaluation from a Doctor

Before settling for any alcohol rehab for yourself or your loved one, it is crucial to get an assessment from a doctor or any certified alcohol and substance use disorder professional. The physician will advise if you need residential treatment or work with an outpatient rehab center. You can also consider a psychiatrist or a clinical social worker with experience in the treatment of substance use problems.

Suppose the situation is at a stage where the patient cannot attend to the daily routine like going to work; the assessing doctor might recommend inpatient treatment for a stable recovery process. In this case, the physician will recommend a thirty-day treatment program. However, if inpatient treatment is repeated, it will necessitate a more extended stay. If the family has to intervene, the doctor will prescribe a ninety-day residential therapy if the situation reaches the point where the family has to intervene.

Determine Your Needs

Every alcohol rehab center has its specialties and treatment plans that differ from the others. On the other hand, most alcohol and substance use patients have other underlying medical conditions like depression and anxiety. Therefore, you have to identify a facility that will care for your addiction and the different needs.

You have to be sure of the substance you are going to treat. When you know your needs, you will approach your search knowing your goals and what you want, which means you may not fall victim to mediocre facilities. However, it would be best to find a facility that offers dual-diagnosis treatment.

Call Ahead and Ask Questions

Another good approach to landing a legit alcohol rehab center is calling the facility to find out about their services. You might not believe it when you find out that some facilities include services that they do not have on their websites. It would help to first search online for several options. Arm yourself with questions to ask the representative when you call.

Take a look at some questions you need to ask your potential rehab center.

  • What treatment plans do they apply?
  • Does the facility embrace scientific-based treatment?
  • Does the center offer individualized treatment plans?
  • How does the facility handle relapse?
  • How many certified professionals do you expect to find?
  • Does the rehab offer post-treatment follow-up services?

Obtaining answers to these questions will enable you to judge which facility is good for you or your loved one.

Consider the Longevity of the Facility

The length of time a facility has been in operation matters regarding quality treatment. The longer the time, the better the experience. On that note, avoid an alcohol rehab that is less than five years in business. While some of them may be good, the majority are opportunistic and just take advantage of the rising demand for rehab services.

If a facility survives in business for five years or longer, it means its services are excellent and ethical. On the contrary, mediocre service providers may not last long in the market as they may fail due to unlawful business and malpractices.

Do Not Overlook Quality for Luxury

When you start searching for an alcohol rehab program to treat your addiction and achieve positive results, you will find that different facilities differ in price. The expensive inpatient rehabs have posh amenities like private rooms and swimming pools, mostly in luxurious neighborhoods. The luxurious ones will be costly, followed by middle-class centers and the standard rehabs that charge approximately $ 20,000 maximum.

Nonetheless, it is vital to understand that affluent does not mean quality. Some of these outstanding facilities have their share of shortcomings, such as inadequate professionals, poor staff supervision, poor services, and lack of necessary counseling and therapy. Therefore, consider the quality of services before settling for any rehab. Please do not go for a center that drains your pocket because it is located in a high-end neighborhood, and you end up not achieving your goals.

Find Out if the Center Uses Medication

Alcohol abuse causes other health complications that need treatment. You or your loved one might need medication to treat alcohol dependency before treating addiction. Other addiction patients require detox as part of the treatment, which some rehabs do not offer. So, it will be best to determine if the facility you are considering values medications or believes in pure counseling and abstinence models in addiction treatment.

Medical experts argue that alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures, heart attacks, or, at worst, stroke if it is not treated. In addition, medical experts prescribe certain drugs to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If you abstain from alcohol suddenly, your body is likely to react, leading to a change in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and other complications which need medical intervention. Therefore, avoid any alcohol rehab that believes in abstinence alone in treating alcohol addiction. Remember that your recovery is your priority.

Summary: Good Rehab and Recovery

As you think of starting your journey to recovery from alcohol addiction, it is essential to learn that your commitment will determine the results of the treatment program. Please shy away from any facility that guarantees you success. It is not valid. Success determines how well the individual adheres to the treatment plan after rehab. Some medical professionals recommend a 12-step-model of alcohol treatment, which means the recovering individual has to continue with group meetings for support after the rehab. The support from family and friends can also help in accelerating effective recovery.

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