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7 Best Colleges in London for International Students

London boasts of the many renowned universities and colleges that abound in this huge metropolitan area. And because of this, international students who want to study in London will find it quite hard to choose which school they can attend.

You can find out all about the 7 top universities in London for foreign students, and explore how they fare against each other and their world ranking performance.

The Top Colleges in London for International Students

Foreign students wanting to go to one of the best schools in the city will stumble upon a range of options as exciting and as diverse as London itself. Thus, if you are an international student looking for a top institution, or to combine a flexible study program with your current career, you can surely find your perfect school in London.

To give you a brief idea of what the UK capital can offer to students, here is a look at the best colleges and universities in London for international students.

The Imperial College, London

This leading public university is ranked number 1 in London and is number 7 in the world ranking. This school focuses more on science, engineering, medicine, and business. They boast of their research-led education, allowing students to immerse themselves in real-world problems. Among its subsidiaries includes the Imperial College Healthcare Trust, the Imperial College Business School, and many more. This school is part of the Russell Group and is ranked 5th in the best universities in the entire UK.

University College London (UCL)

UCL is next to Imperial College both in the world ranking and in the London ranking. It offers life-changing research and is known to provide a progressive approach to academia. Here, postgraduates learn more through the hands-on approach. And because of this, a lot of innovators and industry leaders choose this top-ranked university. International students can also check one of these programs that they offer, UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UCL Faculty of Life Sciences, and UCL Institute of Education, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and many more.

The King’s College, London

This public college is in the 3rd spot in London and 35th place worldwide. This school is one of the oldest in the country and is known for its world-class teaching and state-of-the-art intensive research. This is home to lots of international students from more than 150 countries. The King’s College, London offers the following programs: Engineering and Technology, Social Science and Management, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences, Art and Humanities, and many more.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE is in the fourth spot in London and made in the top 50 in the world at 49. For international students who want the opportunity to study social sciences in a prestigious college in London, the LSE is perfect for you. It is a place where intellectual excitement and cutting-edge research are rolled into one. In fact, it has the highest percentage of research as compared to the rest of the UK’s schools.

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Currently, ranked number 5 in London and 117 in the world.  This is a top public research school in London. It has five campuses across East and Central London, as well as international campuses in China, France, Greece, and Malta. More than 26,000 students are enrolled in its 21 academic schools and institutions. And because of its top academic profile, more than 40% of its student population comes from overseas in 160 countries. QMUL has a joint degree program with China’s Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

City, University of London

This institution is ranked number 6 in the city and 330 in the world ranking. It boasts strong links with businesses and industries for career development. It also offers an inclusive and diverse community from all over the world. Furthermore, sports, culture, and entertainment are readily available for students in this school. It has the following programs to offer: School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, School of Health Science, and The City Law School.

Birkbeck, University of London

Globally, this school is at number 332, but in London, it is in the number 7 spot. It is one of the top colleges of the University of London and is known for being a research-intensive university. Its vibrant campus life and the chance to work part-time while studying attracts thousands of international students worldwide. It offers the following programs: Natural Sciences, Business and Management, Social Sciences and Management, Arts and Humanities, and Life Sciences and Medicine.

The ranking is based on the reports supplied by the QS World University Rankings 2022. For international students wanting to enroll in one of these schools but are having problems with their applications, essay writing services e.g. Custom Writings can provide academic writing help with any type of paper.

Why Lots of International Students Prefer to Study in London?

The City of London is not a cheap place for students, especially for international students. The cost of living here is a bit astronomical as compared to the rest of the UK. However, London is a huge academic hotspot, and many students both local and international want to be part of the top schools based in this city.

For international students, the average tuition fee in London can range at £15,000 annually. Although this may seem to look like a prohibitive figure, this is relatively lower than compared to a lot of American schools.

Local students in the city are expected to fork out £9,250 per year on their tuition fees. But despite the cost, this UK city managed to take the title of the best student city in the world for the second year. QS Best Student Cities gave London this prestigious award for the second year in a row.


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