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 7 proven ways to get famous on Facebook fast


Several people out there have an objective to get popular on Facebook. Even if it is just their 15 minutes of fame, they need it at least once!

Facebook is a gigantic social media platform, which makes it very simple for you to become more acquainted with people all over the world.

However, gaining popularity…  That’s easy! You can buy real and active facebook likes from some of the best trusted sites.

We have come up with 7 proven ways to get famous and Facebook AND quick!

  • Make Your Profile More Appealing

When you’re setting up your profile, make sure that you put up exciting pictures for your display and cover to entice your viewers. In the section where you have to write about yourself, write something fun and interesting instead of the usual mundane stuff. Remember that the absolute first thing that a person looks at is your Facebook profile, so your first impression needs to be a lasting one!

  • Engage As Much As Possible

Interaction is key when it comes to Facebook popularity. Posting interactive content helps drive maximum engagement with your audience. You can host live streams, post Q&As, get a little more personal with ‘Ask Me Anything’, or even create your own challenges and encourage your fans to perform the same!

Apart from posting, you should respond to your audience as much as you can. Reply to their comments, acknowledge their opinions, respond even to hate comments with a dash of positivity – doing so will make your page more credible.

You can initiate conversations by asking your fans to answer some basic yet engaging questions like:

  • Where they are from
  • What are their views on certain trending topics
  • Who what their number one entertainer/game/food/clothing is based on your audience’s basic interests
  • What they want to accomplish in life and much more!
  • Get Your Posting Times

Ah, the eternal question… What is the best time to post? Essentially, the answer to this question is different for every person and depends entirely on their target audience. You can utilize Facebook Insights to understand your audience’s demographics and online behavior. This will help you understand when exactly the majority of your audience is most active AND that is when you should be posting! Doing so will give you a wider reach and maximum engagement. In general, weekends and national holidays are the ideal days for posting.

  • Wordy Content Doesn’t Work

When you post, your content should be more focused on grabbing the attention of the viewers in one go. If your posts are all words and no pictures, they will not be eye-catching. With every passing day, the attention spans of individuals are decreasing and they do not have the time to go through lengthy posts. So keep it short and write catchy headings. Focus more on pictures and videos to appeal to your audience and cut down on the text as much as possible.

  • Try Investing In Facebook Ads

The road to quick success is not always a cheap one. Consider using Facebook ads to get more exposure for your profile.

Growing organically with the current Facebook algorithm has become quite difficult and it may not always work in your favor. Several reliable platforms offer the best Facebook Marketing tools. They also have thousands of satisfied clients to vouch for them. These services are priced moderately. If you are looking for instant growth, then you should definitely check them out! You can start with promoting your page using a post that has a maximum engagement to boost it even higher. Doing so will increase your chances of growing organically once your promotion package expires.

  • Create Content That Your Audience Would Want To Share

This one is slightly tricky. You will need to get into your audience’s heads and figure out what makes them tick. Individuals will not simply share something just because they liked it a lot, they also want to bedazzle others with what they share. So if they feel like a person they deeply care about will be interested in what they are looking at right now, they are substantially more likely to share it. So attempt to make your Facebook posts such that they leave your viewers with no other option but to share them. Your target audience’s friends are your friends too!

  • Use Facebook Analytics To See What Works Best For You

Facebook gives a convenient free analytics service for each page and you can utilize it to perceive what posts of yours got the most extreme engagement, what posts got incredible views, and also what posts did not sit right with your audience.

This is fundamental because once you know what works and what does not you can formulate intelligent content strategies for your page and get great results.

To check your Facebook page’s analytics report, just navigate to your page and click on Insights at the top. Your analytics will help you understand:

  • Demographics of your audience
  • Facebook activity times and duration of your audience
  • 5 contender pages to keep an eye out for and track their development with Facebook’s free competitor analysis and much more


Gaining popularity on Facebook is difficult work. It also requires tons of creativity and a bucket load of luck. But, if you follow a basic yet brilliant strategy with the help of the steps mentioned, you will ultimately have a leap forward. Just keep going!

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