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8 Famous Things to Visit in London

If you are in London, you are in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. From charming pubs, classy museums, the best theaters, a diverse population, and satiating food, to enhancing nightlife, you get all and everything. However, for first-time visitors, it can be a challenging task. You may get puzzled about where to start. Budget traveling may seem to be a far-sighted dream, but if you follow the following instructions, you may even get lucky. Just make sure you are well prepared.

The cosmopolitan capital has a lot of things engraved in it and only an enthusiast can bring that out. Every year budget travelers spend a marvelous time here. They go to free museums, and county walkways, take the tube and enjoy much. Fans of British accent have a delightful time here being friends with local sexy London escorts. Your curiosity will lead you to the edge and adventure you are looking for. Here are some top picks of London to help you better.


No one can randomly take an idea of the number of museums in this city. Many of them are FREE but you cannot finish them in a single visit. The British Museum, the City Museum, the National Gallery, etc., are full of historical artifacts and information. The best part is you don’t even spend a penny to visit them. The expensive collections of fossils, weapons used in the Second World War, the shields of the knights, etc., stand tall with all the valor and glamour.

Tower Of London

It is said, the Tower of London is the safest castle in the country. The royal guards are always having their eyes on the castle and its security. It is a luxurious palace where more than five hundred monarchs lived earlier. As one of the most visited places of the city, this place too famous as around the year thousands of tourists visit this place. Britain’s royalty, princes, prisoners, etc., you can touch all of them at once. One should not miss this place even mistakenly.

London Eye

Interestingly, it is not a real eye but seems to be when ridden. It is a Ferris wheel that is five hundred feet high. People never forget to visit this place. As the newest lobbying attraction, it is also a symbol of pride and celebration. Build in the year 2000, the Millennial Wheel celebrates the commencement of a new century. There are no skyscrapers near it that help you enjoy the full landscape just in one go. You can also go for a date with a Watford escortto explore the place in the best way.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you haven’t been to St. Paul’s Cathedral, you are not even in the league of visiting the best places in London. The cathedral has a world-famous dome that exemplifies the English Baroque Cathedral. The 17th Century-built building is the resting place of delegates of the country like Admiral Nelson, The Duke Of Wellington, and Christopher Wren, the architect. The glittering mosaics and stone carvings can mesmerize anyone. The Golden Gallery or the Stone Gallery will also help you see panoramic views of London.

Little Venice

Are you fond of picturesque locations, then Little Venice can be a paradise for you. The place is in Paddington which offers a quiet walk close to nature and its serenity. Once you are there, you will forget that you are in one of the busiest cities in the world. The canal-side walk will get you through Little Venice to Camden Town in London. It is a blissful place for your body, mind, and vision. The colorful houseboats and cute cafes brimming near the canal are delightful scenes to watch.

London Dungeon

When people reach the South Bank of London, they surely visit the London Dungeon. It is one of the most famous horror attractions that bring thousands of tourists every year. The place depicts the gruesome history of London and proves to be an interesting park. Lucky people also find it as an “amusement park”. There are escape rooms and scary boats too to make you feel being in an amazing place. The tickets are not much costly so you can visit the place conveniently.

Big Ben

It is the Great Bell nicknamed Big Ben. It is at the north end of the Palace Of Westminster. People from all over the world come to see this masterpiece. The neo-gothic style designed building is also called Clock Tower. Your history classes may have helped you get a lot of info about the tower and it’s time to visit the place now. Whether you are with your family, friends, or stunning Independent Bangalore Escortsyou will have a delightful time there.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Drama and theatre lovers can find heaven here in London because of Shakespeare’s Globe. It is a reconstruction of London’s famous Globe Theatre. The Elizabethan playhouse once staged a lot of plays written by the magnanimous William Shakespeare. It is an integral part of London and the English language’s history. Sit in the front rows where the greats once used to sit and admire the characters created by William Shakespeare. Since the theatre is open-roofed it is bundled up in the winter season.

London is the dream place for various tourists around the world. Don’t miss the chance to visit the place and re-live its history. The world has seen a lot of things and most of them emerged from this country, specifically from this city. Although being too busy. Everyone can find solace while brimming around the streets of the county. Select a time of the year, pack your bags, and get ready to stroll the roads of the city that has a distinct essence of its own.


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