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8 Reasons to Relocate Your Family From London to Gloucestershire

There’s no denying London’s appeal. There’s a certain thrill to saying that you live there, and it’s enough to make many of us lifelong devotees to England’s hub.

Or so we thought. Recently, many Londoners’ priorities have changed – and, as a result, many have set their sights on some of the country’s other gems, including Gloucestershire.

So, if there’s even a small part of you wondering whether a change of pace isn’t exactly what you need, find out our reasons for recommending Gloucestershire over London below.

The potential for a better quality of life

Sure, we say London has it all, but does it really? In Gloucestershire, you’ve got a little of everything on your doorstep: towns and cities, but also beautiful countryside and nature (and not just nature crammed into pockets of the city, but nature sprawling as far as the eye can see).

Taking a long breath of fresh air is one of life’s simplest pleasures and, whether you’re on your own or accompanied by animals and/or children, we’re pretty sure you’ll all be in agreement on that fact. The county is home to lots of country parks, gardens, woodlands and protected properties, and those who live there are perfectly placed to enjoy it.

Excellent schools

Speaking of bringing your children out of London, it’s well worth noting that Gloucestershire has some of the best independent schools in the UK, as well as renowned state schools and grammar schools. From Cheltenham College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College to Marling School, Pate’s Grammar and Beaudesert Park School, to name but a few, every stage of education is covered in this county.


While London is gradually moving toward a more sustainable approach, other parts of the country are significantly further ahead. For instance, Cheltenham is currently working towards achieving their pledge of carbon neutrality by 2030 – an initiative known as CheltenhamZero – thanks to a grant for exploring sustainable travel options.

It’s got the culture you want

What’s one of the oldest arguments in favour of London that any city-dweller keeps up their sleeve? That, whether it’s a midsummer Sunday or 9pm on a Monday night, there’s always something cultural to do.

These days, however, you can find yourself miles from the city and still have a long list of things to do. For instance, the Spa Town of Cheltenham is well-known for more than just the races – it’s also world-renowned for its Literary, Science, Music and Poetry festivals – to name just a few.

Gloucestershire is home to Gloucester Cathedral, as well as many museums, theatres, galleries and music venues, while Stroud Farmers’ Market draws a crowd from across the globe.

Affordable property

Sick of London property prices? You and many, many other prospective buyers.

In Gloucestershire, house prices are significantly lower than they are in the capital, meaning you can get a lot more for a lot less. And, with so much interest growing in the country’s more rural counties, property in this area represents an excellent investment.

There’s also a massive amount of diversity in the type of property available to buyers. From rural cottages to Regency era apartments and elegant, Victorian townhouses, the country has a lot to offer those willing to explore it – just make sure you connect with an experienced solicitors in Gloucestershire, who will have the right contacts and know-how to help you navigate what is a competitive and fast-moving market.

Green spaces

It’s no secret that spending time away from it all is one of the many keys to a happy and calm mind, and Gloucestershire is perfectly geared toward just that.

Its cities, towns and villages all enjoy great access to parks, but also more space for gardens and green spaces. Gardening is great for your mental health, and so many Gloucestershire homes are accompanied by your own little patch of green.

Good transport links

It’s a big mistake to think that leaving London means you’ll only ever return as a tourist, or on the occasional long weekend. While Gloucestershire seems like a long way off, it enjoys some excellent transport links for anyone looking to divide their time between here and there.

Gloucestershire is positioned close to the M5, with towns like Cheltenham and Stroud enjoying direct trains to major cities, and a close proximity to Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Easier access to the sea

Gloucestershire might be better known for its rolling green fields, lush forests and neat hedgerows, but it’s only a short distance from some of the country’s most beautiful coastal destinations.

Being in the southwest, those living in Gloucestershire can enjoy day trips to Somerset or Wales, or regular long weekends in Cornwall, Devon and the Gower Peninsula, each of which are only a few hours’ away.


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