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A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

A commercial cleaner works in offices and other businesses to ensure the property is well-maintained. Choosing commercial cleaners is important. These professionals maintain your space and make sure it looks great for employees and customers.

The services a commercial cleaner provides will depend on your specific contract with them and what you’re paying for, but generally, they will make sure all the basics are taken care of. Basics can include vacuuming hard floors and surfaces, emptying trash bins, dusting surfaces, mopping, and spot cleaning. Commercial cleaners might also do bathrooms and kitchens on a nightly basis.

These cleaning services can also do certain weekly and monthly tasks, like cleaning all glass inside and out and buffing hard floors.

You need a commercial cleaning service that’s trustworthy, dependable, and will give you the level of care that you expect.

Since COVID-19, the role of cleaning services in business and commercial environments has become even more important. Employees and anyone who comes to a business want to feel like it’s a clean environment. Cleanliness isn’t just about how your business or commercial space looks anymore—it shows that you prioritize the health and wellness of everyone who comes on your premises.

Consider the following when choosing a commercial cleaning company with those things in mind.

Do Your Research

There are many different types of cleaning companies in the marketplace, and the best way to start choosing the right one for you is to understand what’s available. You want to have a clear idea of what companies offer, what’s included in their pricing, and perhaps what’s not included as well.

Learn a little more about the available services, so you have something to compare to your actual needs.

As you learn more about the available services, you’ll be able to make better price comparisons because you’ll actually be looking at comparable services.


Once you have an idea of the available services and what you might need, you can start to get more specific. Look for cleaners close by to your business location because they’re probably already working in your area.

It’s a good idea to choose cleaners that are physically near your business because of convenience and because they’re going to understand the local labor market and anything else that’s relevant location-wise.

Ask Around

If you aren’t sure where to begin as far as creating your shortlist of potential cleaners, ask other business owners in your area who they use. Recommendations are a great way to connect with a company.


You could prefer a company with a long reputation that’s been working for years or even decades. However, that doesn’t have to be a deciding factor.

Experience can be a good thing, but only if the cleaning company is going to meet your other needs.

For example, if your business prepares food, you need cleaners that are highly specialized in this area, so their particular experience is more relevant to you than how long they’ve been in business overall.

Cleaning Methods and Equipment

By now, if you’ve done everything listed above, you should have at least a few companies you plan to contact. If so, you’ll begin to prepare the questions you’ll ask before hiring anyone.

One big thing to talk about is the cleaning methods the companies use. Every company is going to have its own way of doing things. You should talk about the process they use each day, week, or time they clean.

You should ask how they approach their work and what they might need from you to do their jobs.

You should discuss the equipment they bring with them and anything you might have to provide.

Some commercial contract cleaning services buy their own supplies and equipment, and if a company asks you to supply anything, it could be a red flag.

Are They Green and Eco-Friendly?

Environmental awareness and being eco-friendly are things that customers and employees have started to not just prefer but require in the marketplace. People want to do business with organizations they see as having values that reflect their own.

One of those values is being eco-minded and aware of your environmental impact.

The cleaning service you use should take its own steps to help improve the environment and reduce its footprint.

Green and eco-friendly cleaning services can reduce their plastic waste, cut down on potentially dangerous chemicals in the products they use, and use products that aren’t toxic to waterways or people whenever possible.

References and Background Checks

The team you hire to clean your business will have complete access to everything on site. Your cleaners are likely to be working with few other people around them.

To protect your business, employees, and clients, ask for references from the cleaning company before hiring them. You should also check their background and ensure that individual people who will be working for you are carefully vetted.

You want to talk to the service provider about how they oversee work and ensure ongoing consistency, quality of work, and accountability.


An ongoing high level of performance from cleaners will depend largely on staffing. You want the same cleaning team to come each time. Consistency in who cleans will mean that they’re going to get familiar with your site, and they’re going to learn what you want.

There’s also more accountability when the same people are cleaning each time, rather than cleaning teams always changing and different people coming and going.


A cleaning team needs to be somewhat flexible. Yes, you might have a set schedule where they’re expected to provide service, but other situations can arise where you need them to be available. If that’s the case, along with them having flexibility, you also want communication to be easy and streamlined.

Finally, make sure that you have a single point of contact when you hire contract cleaners at the supervisory level. You should know that someone is always available to speak to if something goes wrong or you have a question or concern.


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