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A lover of a chilling moment bought a body disposal kit to murder a pensioner who was scamming and buried her in a shallow grave

This is the chilling moment when a man buying a body disposal kit on CCTV is caught before murdering a pensioner in a plan to loot his money.

Serkan Kaigs42, started ‘Parasitic’ three-year relationship with Norma Girolami70, after chatting with her in the hot tub of a local swimming pool.


Serkan Kaigsuz, 42, murdered Norma Girolami, 70, at his home in Highgate, north London.Credit: MET POLICE/UNPIXS
He defrauded a pensioner of £284,000 before murdering her.


He defrauded a pensioner of £284,000 before murdering her.Credit: MET POLICE/UNPIXS
CCTV shows he buys a corpse kit before killing her


CCTV shows he buys a corpse kit before killing herCredit: MET POLICE/UNPIXS
he buried her body in a shallow grave


he buried her body in a shallow graveCredit: MET POLICE/UNPIXS

Turks stole £284,000 from Girolamiand meticulously planned her murder when she refused to give any more.

While plotting the murder, he conducted a series of “evil searches” online for garden tools, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, “deeds of deed of property” and “wills,” the court heard.

He also buys ropes, “softball full mesh mouth plugs with adjustable belts” that can be used to restrain people, handcuffs, gloves, plastic overalls, tape and spading fork tools. was seen.

Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward told jurors: “When the defendants got their hands on them, they had only one purpose – to detain and kill Norma Girolami, to bury them. By hiding her remains, and to prevent the defendant from getting dirty and forensic trails…in the process.”

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On 19th August 2021, Girolami left her home in Highgate, north London, for a day in Lee-on-Sea, Essex.

When she returned, the defendant went to her apartment and killed her.

He wrapped her body in a sheet and, using items he had brought, wrapped Norma in a large black plastic trash bag from “Islington House” and secured the bag with black duct tape.

After her disappearance, Kaygusuz pretended to her friends that she was alive and well while systematically draining her bank account and applying for a £60,000 loan in her name.

About 15 months after she went missing, Girolami’s remains were found hidden “in plain sight” in a grave at St James’s Churchyard in Barnet.

An autopsy found that the cause of death was “unknown,” but that she had sustained blunt force trauma to the chest, broken ribs, and bruises consistent with “third-party assault.”

Linda Kristalis, a close friend of Jiromari’s, gave evidence at the trial that she was a gregarious, fun-loving, kind but overly generous woman who had suffered from an abusive relationship in the past. board.

She told the jury, “Selkan had received a six-figure sum from her, and I asked if I could stop giving her the money. She said she couldn’t.

“I asked her if she was scared of him and he wanted the money and she said yes. I was scared when she said no. I imagined that he was afraid of being violent.”

Once Kaigus’ net was closed, he changed his name to Sean Kaya and began looking to go to Canada in search of a new life.

The defendant, who refused to provide evidence, admitted to having her money and jewelry recovered from his girlfriend’s home.

He also pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice by hiding and burying her body, but denied murder.

His attorney asked if it was possible that Girolami died of natural causes and if the fractured ribs were caused by the attempted chest compressions.

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A jury at the Old Bailey took less than half an hour to find the divorced Kaigsuz of Crouch End, north London, guilty of her murder.

The jury was not informed that the defendant had a voyeur conviction for taking pictures of women in a swimming pool.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21466201/chilling-moment-lover-buys-body-disposal-kit/ A lover of a chilling moment bought a body disposal kit to murder a pensioner who was scamming and buried her in a shallow grave

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