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A Modern Building Project – The Materials You Need To Do It!

The building and construction industry is essential to the growth and stability of any economy. The pandemic that took hold of the world over the last two years brought almost every industry to a complete stop, and the construction industry did not go unscathed. Health restrictions stopped projects, caused disruptions in the supply chain, and quickly wiped out the workforce. In the recovery, waiting lists for building work were already building up, as global issues added more pressure to the supply chain and limited the availability of various materials, driving up costs and pushing up the demand. All in all, it has been a tumultuous few years for the construction industry. As things start to improve, the needs of users have changed and the expectations they have for buildings in which they live, and work, has evolved. People have developed a more avid interest in the appearance of modern buildings as well as a great concern for their safety. There are a variety of great materials, such as those provided by specialists like Materials Market, that can provide an ultra-modern feel to a building, future-proofing the aesthetic of any project. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of these various materials, so that you can make the best decisions and build the best building.Let’s look at just a few of these future-proof materials:

  • Glass.

Many modern buildings are making more use of glass to create light, airy, futuristic spaces. There are several benefits that make it a useful material, besides just the clean modern look it provides. It is strong, durable, safe, and easy to both clean and use. The use of glass can go beyond simply windows – it can be used for doors and walls too. It is very versatile and can be moulded to fit any design or shape that is desired or needed. It is a great modern material and is easy to source too.

  • While being an old material, concrete can be used to create a modern feel. The combination of sand, water and cement can be moulded into any shape and then hardens over time. The strong, durable nature of concrete makes it a great material for building offices and houses, and even roads and bridges.
  • You can add an element of luxury, to either the interior or exterior of a building, by using marble in construction projects. It is a beautiful, hard, and heavy material that boasts a durable yet aesthetically pleasing solution when it comes to constructing floors and even walls. While expensive, a marble floor or staircase is beautiful to look at and will withstand the tests of time, therefore it could be a great addition to a modern building.
  • Steel has been used in building projects for hundreds of years as it is exceptionally strong and safe too.  It is one of the most popular materials in modern construction and it’s durability makes it a great solution to future-proof an ultra-modern building. While there are many different types of steel in use in construction today, the most used one is galvanised steel. This steel is protected from corrosion and made even stronger with the additional coating of galvanised metal. As well as a sleek and smooth look, it is long lasting and durable, so it makes a great material for construction of modern buildings.
  • Glass-Fibre.

This solid and long-lasting material is strong and mouldable. It’s safe, easy to use and easy to clean. Extremely fine threads of glass work together to make a strong material, perfect for modern building projects. It is useful in insulating a building to conserve energy and protect against noise.

  • Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

Glass-fibre reinforced plastic, abbreviated to GFRP is another strong material that be moulded into any shape. It is a composite material made of a polymer and glass fibre. The polymer is usually in the form of resin which adds the environmental and chemical resistance that the material needs, while also acted as the binder for the fibres that form the structural laminate. These glass fibres had strength to the product and this kind of material is therefore a very durable, corrosion resistant substance. This makes it a great material in the construction of modern buildings.

While being one of the most expensive building materials, granite is also one of the hardest and most durable materials too. It can be used in the construction of both interior and exterior elements and can be moulded into any shape that is needed.

An Ever-Changing Field 

Construction is not a field that stands still or is stuck in the past. Modern techniques, materials and methods are evolving all the time to meet the needs of the modern user and withstand modern problems. The interesting thing is that there are many old, time-tested materials still in use, proving to be great solutions in the construction of even ultra-modern buildings. With the addition of other elements, technology and tips, traditional methods and materials are being expanded on, improved, and refined. So as to stay ahead of the trends, to keep up with modern day regulations and build a property that will stand the test of time well into the future, it is essential that you use the best building materials in order to achieve that. Each option will have its own advantages and disadvantages, niches and uses. However, it’s essential that you put in the time and effort to research the various options in order to make the best, informed decision that will be for the good of the whole project. Have a clear image in mind, firmly decide on your goals that you want to achieve and look for materials and methods that will ensure you reach those goals. It may feel overwhelming when you first start out on a modern building project, but there is a great deal of help, advice, and guidance available to help you make the best decisions.



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