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A revolution in rugby league-What is the new proposal from IMG?

Rugby league is set to undergo a major transformation under a new proposal by global sports media giant IMG, which will eliminate automatic promotion and relegation and introduce a grading system for clubs to determine their in-game status. subject to

Here, the PA answers some of the key questions that emerged from Wednesday’s presentation to Manchester clubs and media.

What exactly is IMG proposing?

IMG envisions a three-level grading system based on a wide range of in-field and out-of-field criteria. Clubs that achieve Category ‘A’ status are ineligible for relegation, while clubs that achieve Category ‘B’ status are re-evaluated annually. The category ‘B’ club occupies a reserve spot in the top 12 teams in his tier, but risks being displaced by a new category ‘A’ team if it does not rise to the higher standards.

What about promotion and relegation?

Toulouse are relegated from the Super League in 2022, but the proposal is to scrap promotion and relegation between the top two tiers (Richard Sellers/PA)

(PA wire)

The proposal is to discard between the 1st and 2nd tiers after the 2025 season. The club continues to move up, but must achieve Category ‘A’ status or be ranked high enough among Category ‘B’ teams to occupy his one of the remaining slots. there is. promotion Also, relegation between tiers 2 and 3 is set to continue to be determined solely based on play performance.

Are there plans to form new clubs for the new convention?

The London Broncos are formerly in the Super League and London has been selected by IMG (Tess Derry/PA) as a key area of ​​growth.

(PA Archive)

All new clubs must start at Tier 3 and strive to achieve Category “A” status. IMG’s stress is highly unlikely to be acknowledged prior to its proven business model. Picked by IMG London As a key area of ​​growth, but again, clubs in the capital, whether the current London Broncos or newly established clubs, will need to meet standards prior to potential promotion. Only two international clubs are allowed.Possibly with the French pair Catalans Dragons Toulouse.

What other changes are planned?

“Magic Weekend” may be scrapped as part of IMG proposal (Owen Humphreys/PA)

(PA wire)

IMG wants to create a structure that emphasizes the importance of international matches, with a schedule designed to facilitate annual mid-season matches and end-of-season international windows. In order to streamline domestic games, they want to do away with unpopular “loop” matches (where two clubs meet three or more times each season) and longstanding “Magic Weekends”. He will play two days at the same venue with top clubs. IMG underscores the continued importance of the Challenge Cup, whose final will move to his traditional May.

Are you sure your proposal will work?

The York City Knights, through club owner Clint Goodchild (Richard Sellers/Pennsylvania), have shown cautious support for the proposal.

(PA Archive)

All 37 current professional and semi-professional clubs will be able to vote on the proposal next month. York City Knights owner Clint Goodchild has expressed cautious support, but this year League 1 Winner Keeley Cougars have already expressed serious concerns over plans to eliminate promotion and relegation danger.

What happens if the plan is rejected?

RFL and super league, has spent a great deal of time and effort to establish a new structure for domestic games. However, the conflict of interest is relatively minor and may be changed in a way that involves a majority of the club.

https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/rugby-league-super-league-rugby-football-league-promotion-toulouse-b2177474.html A revolution in rugby league-What is the new proposal from IMG?

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