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A ‘self-driving’ van could make Ocado deliveries in the capital


donor can have their weekly groceries It will be delivered by “self-driving” vehicles under a scheme being trialed in the capital.

Asda When Ocado We are partnering with technology company Wayve to explore potential uses. unmanned driving or improve “autonomous” vehicles traffic safety.

Kaity Fischer, Wayve’s director of partnerships and business development, said they could become commonplace “within the next decade.”

“I think it’s sooner than most people think,” she said at the Evening Standard’s Plug It In Summit.

She said that every 22 minutes a person is seriously injured or killed on British roads.

By comparison, self-driving cars used camera technology and artificial intelligence to deal with congested roads and unexpected events.

“Self-driving cars are never sleepy. They’re never drunk,” she said. “Her 96% of all accidents are based on her human error.”

Developed using Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicles, Wayve’s technology will soon be tested in Ocado delivery vans in selected London postcodes. His 12-month trial with Asda has begun.

Fisher declined to say where the test will take place, but said the test is being conducted in parts of London where online shopping is already popular.

The vehicle has a “safety operator” behind the wheel who can intervene if necessary, but basically “drives” itself.

The trial also explores ways to solve the “curb to kitchen” dilemma. Customers who are ready to shop for themselves may be eligible for discounts on their purchases.

The King’s Cross-based company secured a £10m investment from Ocado last year. “That means safer streets and cleaner streets,” Fisher told The Standard.

Legislative change, currently the “biggest barrier”, will be needed to allow trials to reach a wider range. We also need insurance for fleets of autonomous vehicles.

“Our ambition is to launch in London and grow in London,” Fisher said. “This industry is huge. I think the UK will lose. Legislation is the key to that. The technology is ready.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/self-driving-vans-autonomous-cars-delivery-ocado-asda-wayve-b1048496.html A ‘self-driving’ van could make Ocado deliveries in the capital

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