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A Sober Living Home Acts as a Bridge between Detox & Independent Life

When it comes to addiction treatments and drug rehabs most people believe that it can be overcome with the residential programs alone. While detox and inpatient treatments are important for removing the chemical substances from your body and to provide you the ability to live happily without the need for those intoxicating substance dependence. However, that is not all that is to the addiction recovery. A sober home plays an important role that is often overlooked by everyone. Even some experts don’t give the necessary attention to this part of the recovery. That is why addiction treatments often result back in relapse.


At our Sober Living Austin Tx Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we ensure that this does not happen to our clients. A stay in a sober home is important as it practices your brain to live sober in real life situations. For a starter, the stay at our facility will help you to build confidence in yourself.

Presence of aTrigger-free Environment

The first few weeks out of a rehab is a tumultuous period in which you can fall right back into the addiction. This is called relapse and most people who rush out from a rehab with a thumping confidence, often go back to the same old swamp of addiction. This is where the slow but steady sober home helps. Instead of coming out of the rehab directly to the outside world, you stay in a sober home for a period to ease yourself into the world of temptations.


Sober homes provide you with a safe environment that is free of all habit forming substances. So, you won’t fall for the urge to consume alcohol or other drugs. This way, it is helpful for the transition into the real world.

Presence of Peer Support

The environment of a sober home is unique. This is neither without any supervision nor with an all controlling hospital atmosphere. Here you can find the necessary support from your peers and at the same time, get medical attention in case of an emergency.


When you find it hard to cope up with the mental pressure, you can ask for advice from those who are going through a similar phase in their life. At the end of the day, doctors will only have sympathy towards you but your peers can understand and help you with empathy. This is why, living in a sober home is important after a treatment in the drug rehab Austin Tx. It is the ideal bridge between a completely confident life and an unconfident life where you need constant guidance and support from others.

Venture into the World with Confidence & Stay Sober

No matter where you take your drug detox Austin TX, you should definitely spend at least 120 days in a sober home. This way, you can know for sure that you will not fall back into relapse. In fact, many sober homes like ours provide you with the ability to live with your family. This way you get all the urgent care that you will ever need to come out of addiction.

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