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Activist accused of violating oil terminal injunction remanded

A group of 21 environmental activists accused of violating a civil injunction restricting protests at oil terminals have been detained ahead of contempt of court next week.

Demonstrators between the ages of 24 and 78 appeared before the Royal Court of Justice. justice at (RCJ) London After protests at the nearby Kingsbury Oil Terminal on Thursday afternoon, Tamworth, staffordshire on wednesday.

About 50 Just Stop Oil activists sat across from the main entrance of the terminal where an existing High Court injunction was in place.

The injunction, which includes powers of arrest, was originally awarded to the North Warwickshire Borough Council in April.

Max Shepherd, who represents the local government, said in court on Thursday that the protesters allegedly violated the terms of the injunction.

People take part in a Just Stop Oil protest blocking the entrance to the Kingsbury Oil Terminal near Birmingham, Pennsylvania.

(PA wire)

He said police officers attending the Kingsbury Oil Terminal observed about 50 people “sitting on the road blocking access to the depot” on Wednesday.

According to Shepard, one officer, the majority of whom wore orange bibs with Just Stop Oil “motifs,” held a sign bearing the Just Stop Oil logo and said the group said it was “peaceful and polite”.

Various protesters who had to appear at the RCJ’s Courtroom 5 dock in five small groups said they would not voluntarily return to court and intended to violate the injunction if released on bail. told the judge.

Some activists said they were unaware of the court’s “authority,” while one argued they “support laws that allow corporations to kill millions of people.”

Christian Murray-Leslie, 78, said he felt “morally obligated” to oppose the injunction and highlighted “catastrophic climate change.”

“I will not return to this court and will break the injunction again,” he said.

Another protester, Teresa Norton, 63, told Judge Lavender, “You’re making everything worse by continuing this system.”

A judge has detained all protesters ahead of High Court hearings scheduled to be held at Birmingham Criminal Court from Tuesday to Friday next week.

He told one group on the dock:

In addition to Murray Leslie and Norton, protesters who appeared in court included Catherine Renee Nash, Richard Morgan, Susan Hampton, Holly Exley, Sarah Benn, Stephen Gingel, Barry Mitchell, It included Meredith Williams, Stephen Jarvis and Nicholas Only.

Also included were Peter Rea, Simon Milner-Edwards, Kate Blumfitt, Michelle Cadet Rhodes, Janine Eagling, Julia Mercer, Victoria Lindzel, Margaret Reid and Jade Curland.

Climate change protesters who will block oil terminals Wednesday as the country mourns the Queen have previously said their demonstrations were “not disrespectful,” King insisted charles has previously endorsed action against “transnational threats”.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/royal-courts-of-justice-staffordshire-london-tamworth-charles-b2168273.html Activist accused of violating oil terminal injunction remanded

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