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Adverse Effects of Education That Will Surprise You

Acquiring academic knowledge is among the many achievements admired by many people today. There are many advantages of accessing education. Today, we won’t discuss the benefits of education but what can go wrong when people get exposed to school work for an extended period. Read on to know more about that!

What Are The Negative Effects of Education?

It is always good to know the good and the bad side of something before evaluating its worth. A student, for instance, should understand the advantages of hiring an online service that offers ‘write my essay’ online solutions before trusting the company.

You might get surprised to hear that there are adverse effects on education. But remember, the advantages of schooling outweigh the disadvantage. As such, many people don’t discuss the negative side but only the benefits of education. This post touches a bit on various effects caused by education.

  • Erosion of culture

When children go to school, they meet other children from other tribes, countries, and even races. At school, they interact and share more about their families and livelihoods. Some of the learners start to admire cultures from their friends’ communities and start copying them. Since the learners spend more time at school than at home, they forget their own cultures.

Also, most of the students usually in boarding schools don’t get to spend much time with their parents and relatives. For this reason, they go to school without knowing much about their own culture, so they adapt to life in their way. At the end of the schooling period, they become hard to learn and adapt to their own cultures, and they get to choose only those they prefer.

  • Lack of social skills

Students spend most of their active periods in school. The activities in school start in the morning till late in the evening. They spend a short time with their parents or caregivers. Some parents decide to take their children to boarding schools, so they meet them when schools close. Schools are usually closed for a week or up to one month in most cases.

During the holidays they might stay home or visit a few relatives and friends. To some, if the holidays are short, they choose to stay at home and wait for schools to re-open. Often, students might engage an essay writers service if they have assignments to handle during their holidays. With such commitments, the learners miss out on socializing with other people and may lack the necessary social skills. The tight schedule throughout the academic year does not allow learners to make friends sharpen their communication skills.

  • Psychological problems

In most schools, due to the need to cover the syllabus within the scheduled periods of the academic calendar, students are put under heavy learning. This escalates anxiety among students since they receive too much information within a short time. As a result of having assessments and examinations to measure their abilities, students are left with no choice other than to take in as much information as possible.

Most schools have very short breaks or even no breaks at all because of the limited time. As a result, the stressed are not given a chance to de-stress or break the monotony of learning. This eventually leads to depression among students. The depressed students start using drugs while some commit suicide.

  • Lack of creativity and problem-solving skills

The educational systems are usually exam-oriented. The learners’ abilities are measured by scores they attain to tell whether they made it to the next level. The students are taught in class and are given notes or materials to read on. Later on, examinations and assessment tests revolve mostly around what was taught in class. Also, it focuses mainly on the materials offered for reading.

The students who mastered the materials being taught in class get better grades. These students graduate from college and get hired to work in companies, while others get lucky enough to own companies. At the workplace, the challenges faced are new to them and were probably never taught in school. Solving such problems requires a lot of creativity from the employees and more experience dealing with such issues.


The advantages of studying are more than the disadvantages. So, we can conclude that it is vital for every individual to access quality education. This makes it easier for scholars to succeed in their career paths. Remember, you can always engage writing experts whenever you face difficulties managing your school papers.

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