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Anti-ULEZ vigilantes target fleet of camera vans attempting to enforce the daily charge

ANTI-Ulez vigilantes are targeting a fleet of camera vans attempting to enforce the daily charge.

Some vehicles have been daubed with graffiti and had their tyres deflated, as well as cameras covered.


Anti-ULEZ activists have been targeting enforcement vans – with one being taken away by a recovery truckCredit: Facebook/TriangleNews

One image on social media shows a damaged van being taken away on a recovery truck.

The Ultra low emission zone charges drivers of non-compliant vehicles £12.50 a day to drive in London. It was recently extended to cover the whole of the capital.

Those who do not pay face fines of £180 — cut to £90 if paid within 14 days but increased to £270 if still owed after 28.

More than 4,000 people have joined a Facebook group urging people to locate the vans.

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The vehicles, which use number plate recognition technology, are being used because many fixed Ulez cameras have been vandalised by Blade Runners — a group opposed to the scheme.

There were 510 crimes relating to Ulez cameras from the start of April to the end of August — when the scheme was expanded — Met Police stats show.

Two people have been arrested with one charged and the other case discontinued by prosecutors.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who oversaw the Ulez expansion, previously warned protesters: “It is really important to stay on the right side of the law.”

Transport for London said all damaged cameras are fixed as soon as possible and vandalism “will not stop Ulez operating”.

A spokesman added: “We have an extensive camera network which is sufficient to support the effective operation of the scheme.

“Anyone driving a non-compliant vehicle will be detected.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/23945617/anti-ulez-vigilantes-target-fleet-of-camera-vans/ Anti-ULEZ vigilantes target fleet of camera vans attempting to enforce the daily charge

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